Now That I am With Child


I really do not consider myself a mom yet…more of an incubator. So if you would prefer that I instead stick to my photography postings, I can do that, however the ladies in charge said that since I am expecting I am welcome to write about mom stuff now. 😉 That’s right, you heard me, your resident photographer is WITH CHILD!

22 weeks along

It wasn’t planned, but then again it was not NOT planned. It just happened. So when if you are trying and not getting immediate results, trust the folks who say, “Don’t stress over it! It will happen.” because generally, it does.

Now that I am with child, I forget the stress of trying to get this way. When people would ask us during that “trying” time, “Pregnant yet?” we would joke, “Gosh! Only 16 year olds can get pregnant on the first try. All in good time!”  and then we I would freak out on the inside that obviously something was broken. Each month I was 2 steps away from throwing in the towel and researching other options. But, it’s totally okay to freak out because see above…It generally will happen all in good time. 🙂

Now that I am with child, I am just thrilled! So excited! Looking forward to my late-November due date! And a million other things.

Now that I am with child I am scatter brained and forgetful. Baby brain? They weren’t kidding! I honestly started that sentence, got up to get some water and when I came back I could not remember what the heck my point was. Who am I again? The other day I went out to the car to get my camera bag, set it on the ground and went to get the mail. When I got inside I noticed I had left my camera bag in the driveway, so I went to get it and saw the trash bin was on the curb still. So I put that in the shed and went inside. My camera bag was still in the driveway. Luckily my husband was home and he went outside with his totally together, firing on all circuits brain and got my camera bag. My suggestion to new moms…get some sticky notes for reminder notes.

Now that I am with child I get up 4-5 times a night to go pee. I then have to drink a cup of water before getting back into bed so that I do not get dehydrated while I am sleeping and get Braxton Hicks. A never ending circle.

Now that I am with child I have to complete a 6-point roll in order to change which side I am sleeping on in bed. I kind of forget what it was like to just flop around in bed at night to get comfortable and wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that again. (Both flop around and get comfortable). I joked with my husband the other night that I am like a rotisserie chicken where I need to rotate sides every hour so that I cook evenly. Luckily the baby just rolls with it…literally. Each time I switch sides I feel the baby slide and hit bottom. 🙂

Now that I am with child I hold my breath when I am in public and someone is smoking nearby because suffocating my baby is SO much better than exposing them to toxic waste!

Now that I am with child I have a belly that is OH! so much fun to rub. And it is even more fun when the baby kicks back at me from inside said belly. I feel like I have gained a new accessory and although it is becoming increasingly difficult to clothe the new belly and look decent to go into public, I am embracing this new shape and loving it!

Now that I am with child I worry about EVRY. SINGLE. ache, pain, twinge, cramp and so on. A friend’s dad said, “You are a parent now and will worry about that child for the rest of your life. Every single day!”  I keep thinking, once we get to such and such a week I will feel better and then we reach that point and I worry about the next week! Another friend told me to just try and enjoy each day as it comes along and not worry about the future. I’m trying…

Now that I am with child, I can write posts on the BurlingtonVT Moms Blog about being with child and becoming/being a mom. Is that okay with you or would you prefer I stick to photography posts??  Be well & Smile often, Kathleen 🙂



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Kathleen Porter
I am a profesional photographer that specializes in photographing people with an emphasis on family relationships; maternity, birth, newborn, child, and family. You can see some of my work at While my weekdays are busy with portraits, my weekends are nearly full through the Spring, Summer, Fall and early Winter with weddings. I love my career! On October 7, 2013 I took on a new position in life: Mama! Our sweet son surprised us 6 weeks early and has shown us that one of the biggest life changes can be one of the best life changes! The good, the bad, the smelly, the sweet...My husband and I would not trade any of it!


  1. Kathleen,
    I am so excited and thrilled to hear you are a Mom to be. When I first started to read the blog I thought you might be just a month along, but then I saw the photo and saw 22 weeks! You look beautiful and that photo is gorgeous. The peeing, the not rolling over, the waking up because the baby is juggling in your belly is all part of the beginning of a wonderfully crazed journey called parenthood. Soon you will have your beautiful baby and spend long hours staring at him/her and wondering how you gave birth to such a cutie. I suspect your child will be photographed as much as mine.;-) Oh and baby brain never goes away……it just gets called a different name.;-)

  2. LOVE this picture of you and LOVE the article! I was having flashbacks with every word!!

    Baby brain never gives up. Welcome to mommy-hood! Your hubby will always be the one who has a “firing on all circuits” brain.

    The peeing usually rests a little after first trimester. And also, it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t get headaches (as I did).

    Rolling over.. SUCH a challenge! But I assure you that you WILL sleep on your stomach again! (though it takes months after the baby is born to get there again)

    The belly is amazing (and adorable on you!) and totally something to embrace and love. Feeling them kick is the most magical thing in the world. Enjoy every single one of those kicks!

    And, yes, being pregnant is the most terrifying thing ever because you have no control over what is going on in there! I used to say that I wasn’t rushing him out {because he can never go back in and I’ll want him to when he’s screaming at the top of his lungs [like his little 1-yr old self does nowadays] or being a “mouthy” teenager} but I think I will be able to relax a LITTLE once he is out and I do feel a little more relaxed. Hang in there! 🙂

    Keep posting about being pregnant! I wish I had recorded my pregnancy and all of those amazing first feelings because the next time around they won’t be new anymore.

    Enjoy, sweetie!

    • Oh Leanne, I so enjoy your insight!! Thank you. 🙂 Last night was the first night the baby really woke me up. It felt like they were riding a bike WHILE juggling!!!


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