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I spent a good chunk of the Saturday before the Body After Babies photo shoot trying to figure out how to get out of it. When I couldn’t find Spotlight Vermont – I thought it was a sign from God. I am not supposed to go! I should just turn around and go home! But I found the place and reluctantly walked in.

So what kept me there? My husband, Brian, and I had discussed this photo shoot at length over the last few weeks. I said I wanted to do it because women need to see what REAL women look like after they have kids. I had twins 19 months ago and I certainly don’t look like J-Lo after she had twins – but she probably has a personal trainer, chef, nanny, etc. I digress.

I asked Brian what he thought I should wear or not wear when my photo was taken and I tried on yoga pants, shorts, etc. to get his opinion. Basically he told me that all of those things covered up any signs of me having had babies. Meaning – the loose skin and the stretch marks. So if I wasn’t going to show them – then what was the point? He was completely right. No one wants to show their imperfections physically because we are constantly judged by what we look like. But the point of the photo wasn’t to cover up – it was to expose. So that’s what I did.


While I was frightened and nervous – the BurlingtonVT Mom’s Blog crew certainly cheered each other on and supported each other. After seeing the pictures of all of us – I can say proudly that we are a beautiful strong group on women. It was difficult to see the picture of myself but after looking at it a few times – I am pleased to say I am learning to accept how I look. My kids are amazing and beautiful and wonderful and they are TOTALLY worth the loose skin and stretch marks because as much as I loved the way I looked before I had kids – I love them a zillion times more.



  1. I think you look beautiful and would never look at your photo and think you had twins. I checked a couple of times and I still don’t see what you are seeing.

    My pregnancy and then delivery of my first child allowed me to forgive my body for not being model perfect and just embrace it for the amazing things it can do.

  2. Stacie… you rocked that photo shoot! And you look amazing. I love this photo of you and you’re right…kids are a zillion times worth the marks and scars. Thanks!

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL Stacie!! On behalf of we multiples Mommy’s, thank you for proudly revealing yourself. I know I personally struggle to embrace the “twin skin” and stretch marks, however, I try to remind myself that that is where my gorgeous twins thrived for 38 weeks! Very proud of you!


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