Body After Babies :: Ode to my Body


This body. This tired, strong, overworked body. Two boys breathed through this body, stretched skinny baby legs up into its rib cage, made its insides jump with little baby hiccups.

This body fearlessly delivered two boys earthside, nursed life into them. These arms cradled tiny, bobbing heads, nuzzled the fuzz of new, soft hair. Upon this chest, tiny beings dreamed, deep breaths causing little chests to rise and fall. Upon this chest still curls the lanky body, knobby knees and skinny arms of a spirited three year old, collapsed and at rest, eyelashes fanned across little rosy cheeks. Little boys plant kisses on this body, big slobbery wet kisses from a toothy grinning 7 month old and delicate pursed lipped kisses from his older brother. Four blue eyes, big round oceans, look adoringly at this body, their home, their comfort, their shelter.

Deep grooves worn into the heart of this body with each drooly smile, each tender moment, the earthy smell of a newborn, the joyful squeal of a happy boy. These legs stoop to pick up crumpled, defeated kidlets, strong shoulders embrace petite and growing bodies.  This body wakes in the night to wild screams and small giggles, this body runs on caffeine and small meals in between nose wipes and phone calls. This body stands strong and long in yoga poses and squats down to meet three year olds at eye-level. This body crawls across wooden floors, knees aching, to teach babies how it’s done. Even at rest this body is working, mind spinning with lists and woes and jubilance.

This body brought life into the world. This body delivered light into darkness. This body opened up, heart splitting straight down the seams to make room to love, endlessly. This body, complete with stretch marks, calloused fingers, flabby skin, is beautiful. This body houses a warrior. This body is respectable. This body houses a mother.




    • Loren – so glad to hear that! Some days I have a much easier time accepting my body than others, but I try to remember how totally amazing it is!

  1. Love that body and the beautiful spirit that resides within it. I birthed that body on a memorable night going on 30 years. Love you Lissy


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