Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Fun for the Whole Family!


Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to get outside! I am a huge believer that everyone needs to spend time outside. I just don’t see how spending all day on the couch doing nothing is beneficial for us. I’m not saying that it isn’t needed from time to time, but doing it for hours every day all summer just isn’t something I see people thriving from. Quite the opposite, actually, from what I’ve seen, using children- all of them- as the perfect example. 

Or maybe you’ve been outside already, but your kids are tired of all the typical outdoor activities like chalk, bubbles, or riding their bikes. You’re starting to hear “I’m bored” or “I already did that” in that whiny complaint tone and then you’re back to square one. What do you do next?

Well, first, try the “I’m Bored Jar,” and if that doesn’t do the trick…

You send them on a backyard scavenger hunt!

Our four-year-old gets really excited when we go outside. Like, every time. I’ve known dogs like this. And if we have to drive somewhere to find a new place to explore, he would be at the door, ready to go faster than I could finish my sentence. Again, the dog comparison holds.

This kid loves a good backyard scavenger hunt too.

And just so you know, any “backyard” scavenger hunt doesn’t need to be limited to your backyard. You can do this at a park, along a nature trail, or anywhere outside! Call it whatever you like, but backyard scavenger hunt is our term of choice.

Scavenger hunts provide a great learning activity for kids of all ages. First of all, it’s about covert reading and writing. Your kid might not even notice that part. Also, you can use a scavenger hunt to teach younger kids the names of insects or what types of birds they see. Older kids can learn about the different types of rocks, or how a seed will turn into a flower, plant, or tree. You can even motivate kids to play by offering them some sort of prize if that makes it more exciting for them. Or make the scavenger hunt timed- you know you have places to go. See who can find everything on the list first!

Being outside doing a backyard scavenger hunt will get your kids some much-needed sunshine and exercise. And don’t forget the most important rule – have fun!

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