25. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Bloom


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Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, available for rental on Prime Video

Why We Made This Selection and Background Knowledge

Julie: I remember reading the book in grade school and hating it.

Claire: I read the book maybe 20-25ish years ago. And that’s it. I re-read it for this though.

Overall Opinion of the Movie

Claire: It didn’t seem as childish as the book, so that made me happy.

Julie: Love the soundtrack. The movie was fine. Just fine.

Overall Opinion of the Book

Julie: Hated it as a kid. Still don’t like it. I just could not relate to any aspect of it, the desire to grow up and get boobs/period, the religion angle, the close relationship with a grandparent.

Claire: Meh. It isn’t bad, but I guess maybe just weird reading something from the POV of someone so young. I do remember I did not think that when I read the book years ago.

Before you say which you liked better, did you read the book or listen to the audiobook… because it matters.

Claire: I read a paperback.

Julie: I read a paperback.

Which was better?

Julie: The movie

Claire: The movie


  1. Was the outcome the same in both the show and the book? Yes
  2. Was the main character/primary narrator the same in the show and the book? Yes
  3. Was the primary conflict the same in the show and the book? Yes
  4. Would you read the book again or recommend it to a friend? No
  5. Would you watch the show/movie again or recommend it to a friend? No

Overall rating: 3/5

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