Advent Calendars – Not Just For Kids – They’re Fun For Adults, Too!


My children love to get advent calendars at the beginning of every December.

Advent calendars help them count down the days until Christmas. They also give them a little surprise every day so they don’t explode with the stress of waiting until their favorite holiday. However, why should children have all the fun? Here are some fun advent calendars for adults to enjoy.


Parents can treat themselves to a little drink after the kids are in bed with an advent calendar featuring alcohol. If you like wine, try Costco’s wine advent calendar. It contains 24 half bottles of wine from around the world. If you prefer beer, try a beer advent calendar from Give Them Beer. It includes 12 highly rated craft beers. If you want hard seltzer, check out one of the many advent calendar options at Aldi’s. New this year, it comes with 24 cans of hard seltzer featuring 12 different flavors.

Beauty Products

The Body Shop offers advent calendars filled with 24 different beauty products. They offer different options for different budgets. Also, check out Sephora’s advent calendars. There are so many different goodies included, like nail polish, makeup, perfume, or sheet masks. They are sure to have something for everyone!


Gibsons has an advent calendar full of jigsaw puzzles. It includes 22 mini jigsaw puzzles along with glue and ribbon to turn them into ornaments for your tree. For a different type of puzzle, try an advent calendar full of metal wire puzzles. It includes 24 different puzzles with varying levels of difficulty.


For readers, create your own book advent calendar by wrapping up 24 titles on your to-read list. This is also a good option for families because you can customize it to your tastes or focus on one theme. For small children, you can wrap picture books that you can read as a family when you unwrap them each day. If you want to get fancy, you can find plenty of tips on how to create a book advent calendar on Pinterest.

advent calendar


For caffeine lovers, try a coffee advent calendar. The one from Onyx includes 24 different single-origin coffees. There are also many options for tea lovers. Adagio’s advent calendar includes 24 different teas. You have the option of either loose tea or teabags.


For a unique treat, check out the many candle advent calendars on Etsy. There are options for all sizes, prices, and scents. Yankee Candle also makes a popular candle advent calendar. For crafters, try making your own candles for this advent season!

Classic Chocolate

Adults will also enjoy a classic chocolate-filled advent calendar. However, it’s worth splurging on quality chocolate. Godiva makes a very tasty advent calendar filled with 24 delicious treats. Lindt also offers a variety of different chocolate-filled advent calendars. If you have a refillable advent calendar, visit your local chocolate shop to fill it with your very favorite flavors.

What advent calendar do you want this year?

Advent Calendars - Not Just For Kids - They're Fun For Adults, Too!


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