Diverse Political Opinions: the Importance of Respect


Yes, I said it. That dirty word starting with a “P”. Get your mind out of the gutter, I said dirty, not inappropriate. Politics. You have a right to formulate diverse political opinions based on your own experiences, judgment, and what might be factual information. You have a right to have an opinion, and not just once every four years.

Are you contemplating what side I’m on and if you’ll read past this sentence? Good! That is your right to choose too.

You may be thinking, “Who is this woman, and what makes her qualified to talk about politics?”

Good news, this post really doesn’t have anything to do with the presidential election, but it got your attention, didn’t it? Trust me, I’m not looking for a fight. This post is merely a reminder that you have a right to have diverse political opinions.









The Constitution protects so many human rights that it allows you to believe nearly whatever you want. Is our political system perfect? Absolutely not. We as a society could do so much better, but at the end of the day- YOU have YOUR opinion. And while imperfect, our Constitution really is an impressive document in so many ways.

I have known many people to get facts and opinions confused.

They are definitely not the same thing. To be honest, I even have an issue with the word “fact”. To me, fact means something absolute, something that is the truth. Well, what is the truth? It’s our perception of things we’re taught and what we’ve experienced. My dad used to say that “2+2 = 4, that’s a fact”. Well, is it? I’m not arguing that point, however, my stance is that it is a widely accepted “fact” based on someone’s research and analysis to create a mathematical situation where 2+2 = 4. Similarly, 50 years ago it was factual information to lay your baby to sleep on their belly. New parents today would have a stroke if their newborn was put on their stomach to nap.

Speaking of controversial sleeping methods, let’s talk about some other controversial topics.

There are many parenting topics that draw criticisms based on “fact” and often skew my personal social media posts because again, I’m not trying to fight. These include vaccinations, co-sleeping, car seats, winter coats, formula, nursing, lotions, behavior management methods, cry it out, rewards, MASKS, and… hang on- I’m exhausted just thinking about these ones. These are just the top topics that have caused me to fear being at the wrong end of the discussion, but why is that? Many of these areas have years and years of research studies to formulate “guidelines” or “safety guidelines”. There are laws, there are rules, and then there are “guidelines”. The foundation of my parental anxiety.

Diverse politcal opinions with ice cream









Now, what is the point of me subtly mentioning these hot topics? To remind you and anyone reading this, the opinions you formulate are your own.

Feel free to share your thoughts, your ideas, your diverse political opinions with whoever will listen, however, do not force them on me. I have heard too frequently from my family, friends, coworkers, and in public yet socially distant spaces, that people sharing opinions put an emphasis on someone else’s opinion being wrong. I am here to comfortably report that no one’s opinion is wrong. Their actions may break laws, rules, and guidelines, but their opinions are formulated by their unique experiences and whatever information they have gathered.

When you cast that vote during election season- are you thinking about who would be a great leader and benefit our communities, towns, states, and country the most? Or, are you focused on who might make your life better, or even easier? Did I strike a nerve yet? I am definitely not suggesting one candidate over another, heck, I don’t like commitment and disagree with the extreme options I have been presented with. It’s like me giving my kids the option of a sardine pizza or dirt pasta for dinner (although, we all know someone who would choose either). At some point, I just want to hang my head and cry, hoping for a better solution so I can have ice cream for dessert.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, society as a whole would benefit from a little more kindness. If we can take a step back and consider the perspective of another person, then maybe we can start appreciating diverse opinions, including diverse political opinions. Maybe one day we can all meet in the middle and have some chocolate ice cream. Everyone can agree on chocolate, right?

Diverse Political Opinions: the Importance of Respect

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