A NEW SERIES: Labor? Easy. Getting into my old jeans? Not so much.



Our newest little bundle of joy will be 7 weeks tomorrow. First off, time flies. Secondly, I miss my old jeans!

Let’s face it. We all strive to get our pre-pregnant body back, or strive to be healthier, more fit, etc as we were before we got pregnant. The problem? The fact that most of us eat ALL the things while we’re pregnant. Oh, you know what I’m talking about! The chips, the donuts, the pasta, the ice cream, the chocolate. (Wow! Now I’m hungry. Back on track, Mauranda. Focus. Ahem….) And to make us feel like we’ve balanced it all out, we shove as much fruit into our mouths as humanly possible. Because fruit is wonderful for you, right? We just fail to accept the natural sugars and calories that fruit has. Anyways. That first time you step on the scale after your new little bundle of joy pops out, you’re likely to act as if you were on a high school cheerleading team with shouts and “whoohooo” galore. Who knows, maybe you even do a little twist-and-shout dance out of excitement. And who can blame you?

Then about 2 weeks later, the scale is broken. It’s stuck at the same. damn. number. What gives? Perhaps your breastfeeding, which besides being the best option for you AND your baby, it’s also known to burn an additional 500 calories per day. Perhaps you’re eating healthier foods and starting to “watch what you eat”. Obviously you should be losing the weight. Instead of the pounds shedding off, you’ve hit a little plateau. You’ve gone from high school cheerleader to crying in the changing room of your favorite shop to buy jeans when you realize what size you now are. Or was that just me?

Lucky you! You’ve just heard my as-of-right-now-real-life-story. With daughter #2 being born only weeks ago, I invite you on my personal journey of “how I got my groove back”. Or at least how I HOPE to get my groove back. And my old jeans over my hips.

Are you striving to get back to your pre-pregnancy body? What have you tried? What’s worked? What hasn’t?


  1. Haha, definately had a more difficult time getting my body back after baby #2 (just 5 months ago)! The only immediate goal I made for myself when he was born was that I had to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans by the time summer was over because I was NOT going to buy more jeans for myself when I had 6 good pairs stashed away in my closet. Well, I did it, I’m in the pre-preggers jeans but I will say that the body doesn’t look the same. Still have a ways to go myself but my suffering of choice lately has been pilates with some walking. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.


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