10 Nail Colors That Should Exist for Moms


Raising kids takes a toll on a mom’s body. That’s not exactly breaking news, but I don’t mean just the infamous biological badges of motherhood bestowed on us by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, the revered shifting, stretching, and–dare I say it?–sagging. I’m thinking more small scale, the day-to-day physical impact of being a mom (or a dad). Don’t get me wrong, it’s all worth it. Parenthood is not martyr-hood, but still–it does take a physical toll. The deep half-moons under our eyes from sleepless nights with a hungry baby or sick toddler or insomniac tween. Our off-white teeth thanks to overcompensating for exhaustion with cup after cup of coffee… and maybe a glass of red wine thrown in for good measure at the end of the day. Our dried, cracked hands and chipped nails from hours spent scrubbing toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, or submerged in warm, soapy water washing baby bottles, sippy cups, or water bottles. Tired shoulders and aching backs from balancing small humans or laundry baskets on our hips.

Really, one of the only body parts I can think of left fairly untouched by the daily rituals of keeping children alive are the toenails.

Is it any wonder, then, that the almighty pedicure has become a universal symbol of mom escapism? A trip to the nail salon is an emblem of pampering, a clear message to the masses (i.e significant other and children) to leave mom the heck alone for two hours to re-balance the state of the universe.

winter pedicure
Even hidden beneath wool socks and winter boots, sleekly painted toes send a message to the world.

Choosing a nail color is half the fun of this rejuvenation.

Even hidden beneath wool socks and winter boots, sleekly painted toes send a message to the world: Can’t phase me, I’m Going with the Lava Flow! Watch out world, I’m Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot! I am rocking this life, All Hail the Queen! Sometimes, though, I can’t find the color that quite works for my state of mind. I’m not always feeling a Sunday Funday kind of vibe, and sometimes Hawaii shades just make me think about how I’m not in Hawaii. Some days sh*t just gets real, and that’s the message I want my toes to send. So along with the Resort Fling collection and the Kardashian Kolors, I propose:

10 Mom Moments nail lacquers

mom nail colorsmom nail colorsmom nail colorsmom nail colorsmom nail colorsmom nail colorsmom nail colorsinspiring mom nail colorsinspiring mom nail colorsinspiring mom nail colors

Ranging from the shockingly bright But We’ve RED It 20 Times, which helps keep you focused and alert through the 21st reading of your little one’s most coveted story, to the calming tone of Yes, I’m Sure You Like SALMON, a color that keeps a smile on your face while reminding your little cherub how much they like salmon–or meatloaf or kiwi or edamame or chocolate ice cream, even though it’s chocolate and not vanilla. The colors in this collection show what you feel: the brewing storm of Look UMBER Your Bed, when shin guards are in desperate demand but well out of sight, and the compassionate TEAL Me All About It, when your little or not-so-little one needs a warm embrace and open ears. This color is complemented particularly well by my personal favorite, OLIVE You to the Moon And Back.

Along with the remaining five colors–CORAL the Kids, We’re Running Late; Call for Pizza, AUBURN’d Dinner; PLUM Out of Ideas; LIME Not Gonna Tell You Again; CITRON the Chair Until You Apologize–you’re sure to find a shade that comes in handy. Just remember to keep your head up and your socks off as much as possible.

Need to escape to a pedicure?

Here are few of the BVTMB team’s favorite Burlington-area spots.

  • Allure Salon, 1174 Williston Road, South Burlington, 865-8330
  • Bella Vie Nail Spa, 5649 Williston Road, Williston, 857-5889
  • Excellent Nails by Trang, 135 Pearl Street, Essex Junction, 879-7800
  • NailSpa, 570 Shelburne Road, South Burlington, 859-9898
  • Queen City Nails, 1400 US Route 302, Barre, 479-9899
  • Royal Nails, 58 Pearl Street, Essex Junction, 878-4243
  • Spa at The Essex, 70 Essex Way, Essex, 878-1100
  • Stephen & Burns, 116 Church Street, Burlington, 865-4766
  • The Mini Spa, 166 Battery Street, Burlington, 658-6006
  • Vina’s, 65 Creek Farm Road, Colchester 662-7870
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