Jessie lives in Essex Junction with her first grader and fourth grader, her husband, and the family's "furry baby” Yorkshire terrier. Adopted by her husband’s home state of Vermont more than a decade ago, Jessie loves the Green Mountain state for its Midwestern affability, all things lakes and mountains, and a foodie scene to rival any other. Jessie works as a marketing strategist, and when she can wrangle free time, she's usually found kicking back with friends and family, cooking up something in the kitchen, reading a book, or–yes–browsing social media.
Happy & you know it

To My Kids: If You’re Happy And You Know It, Be Grateful

I stand in the kitchen washing breakfast dishes, listening to the sounds of a household getting organized. My husband packs helmets and goggles into ski bags. My 10-year-old wraps up his morning video game session. And upstairs...
Facebook and Kids

Facebook: Leaving My Kids Out of It

I joined Facebook in 2008. My daughter, my youngest child, was nine months old at the time. The first album I uploaded to my page was titled "Family" and contained five photos. My little...
Lessons From Being Alone

Freedom is Covered in Chocolate and Other Lessons From Being Alone

I've been a mom for over 10 years. If you're a mom, then you know what I really mean by that is that I've had an audience and running commentary on my every move for...

Host a Moms Night with Ease. It’s Worth It.

{Disclaimer: We have partnered together with our sponsors, Healthy Living Market and Cafe, to bring you this fun post idea!} Thank goodness for modern technology, because I honesty don't know if I would have any friends...
DIY Custom Birthday Party Invitations

Custom DIY Birthday Party Invitations for Pennies

Party planning is not what it used to be. Back in my own 1980s birthday party heyday we played games like Drop the Clothespin in the Jelly Jar and passed out home-popped popcorn in...
Dinner Recipes for the Picky & Risky

9 Dinner Recipes for Picky AND Adventurous Kids

{Disclaimer:: We have partnered together with Healthy Living Market and Cafe to bring you some of these dinner recipe ideas!} To quote every mom at some point during her kids' formative years: I'm not a...
explain parenting

Why It’s Hard to Explain Parenting to Non-Parents

Lofty, existential questions run rampant through the cultural conversation about child bearing and rearing. Deep thoughts like when is it more responsible not to have kids? Or, how about this one: do we lose our own identities in our...
mom decade years reflection

The Big 1-0: A Look Back at a Decade of Parenting

Every mom has a story to tell. My story starts on a hot Monday in July, 2005. It was a work day, just like any other Monday. The manager at my office mentioned that I seemed particularly listless that day, weighed...
moms music humor

9 Songs to Sync with Daily Mom Drama

Last week as I was driving to work I glanced in my rearview mirror and gave a little yelp. My heart skipped and my brow sweat. There in the backseat of my Swagger Wagon was...
clean eating

Cleaning Up My Family’s Eating: Can It Be Done?

Lately I've been contemplating how I feed my family. I work hard to stock my kitchen with healthy snacks. Soda is a rare treat, baked goods are typically homemade, and I (almost) always home-cook meals. I try...
guide parenting

A Simple Guide to Proper Parenting

As every parent has said at one point or another, there should be a handbook on how to properly raise children. And maybe a licensing exam. But we all know that once our precious littles arrive into our waiting...
baseball field

Why We’re a Little League® Family

I'm sitting on the edge of the curb, iPhone camera in one hand, coffee cup in the other. It's 9:30 on a beautiful warm morning, the first weekend in May and the first Saturday we could...

Newbie Tips on Starting a Family Garden

Whatever the opposite of a 'green thumb' is, that is what I am. Plants enter through my front door at their own risk and hope to an almighty power that my husband will intervene. Or my first grade...
life, parenting, advice

The Simple Truth About Living the Ultimate Life

There's a lot to think about while standing in line at the grocery store. Did I remember to get eggs? Who is Kimye fighting with now? Was I supposed to get red grapes or...