Mother-Daughter Bucket List


Mother/Daughter Bucket Lists

I have four children. Two girls and two boys. Perfect, right? Well, most of the time! I have found myself really analyzing our relationships lately, especially with my two girls. Perhaps it’s because one is in Middle School now and the other wishes she was. Perhaps more so though because I am starting to feel that ever-feared pull. I can actually physically feel them not needing me-not wanting me (as much). As heart wrenching as it is I have heard rumors that we will make it through it.
In the meantime I have been really soul searching, analyzing, and researching the whys and the ways to develop our relationships. Hopefully coming out stronger. I think I may have stumbled upon the answer. Desperately searching I came upon a blog dedicated to just this. The authors name is Susan Merrill (who also wrote the book The Passionate Mom Dare to Parent in Today’s World). Merrill lists forty different things to do (Mother-Daughter) to strengthen the bond. “Burying a time capsule, serve at a shelter together, redecorate your daughters room, play in the rain, and go on a special shopping spree” are a few of my favorites. The beauty of such a list is that it doesn’t need to ever end. Continue to add to it. Adjust it. Love it. I am really excited to start our own bucket lists. I am excited to have these moments. I am excited to have these memories.
I have since started our own Mother-Daughter bucket list with the help of my two girls. We don’t have 40 yet, but will someday. We talked about what we could accomplish this year. What do they want to do? Here is what we have so far.
• Go horseback riding together.
• Go shopping (and not just for a special occasion).
• Listen to music in their rooms together.
• Spa day!
• Do our nails together.
• Read a book together. (We will be starting Wonder!)
• Go out to eat without the boys.
• Cook and/or bake together. Plan meals and reserve special nights to do so.
• Movie night!
• Just sit and talk uninterrupted!
I challenge you to make your own. Strengthen your relationships. Show your love. After all, we only get one life to life. One life to share. Let’s make it count. Let’s make it special.


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