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vtcitfull (18 of 21)I wasn’t sure what to expect when I stepped through the doors at VTCIT. I was greeted by a thick, plush carpet and many rows of shoes, with instructions to take mine off. After checking in at the front desk, I sat down in the warm, bright waiting room across from some glass plated cabinets filled with oils, supplements, books, and malas. There are a number of glass apothecary jars filled with loose leaf tea that visitors are welcome to. There’s also an array of toys and books to keep your kiddos busy while you wait. Soft, relaxing music plays quietly in the background. The overall first impression is tranquil, calm, and soothing.

If you’re at all like me, part of your criteria for judging a place is the state of their restroom and I’m happy to report that their bathroom is large, well lit, and clean with a nice sized mirror and wooden floors.

vtcitfull (1 of 21)I met with Bree, the founder and director of VTCIT, who led me to her office which is bright and has various seating options, all of which look comfortable and welcoming. I chose a seat that I could sit cross-legged in. Bree has a calm and open demeanor and I quickly found myself in discourse with her akin to a trusted and intimate friendship. As a generally guarded and self-reliant person, I didn’t expect to feel so at ease with a stranger. She is a natural listener and very insightful, and the most important takeaway for me was having safe space to feel heard – something I don’t often feel as a mom.

vtcitfull (2 of 21)Integrative care is a systematic approach that focuses on healing the whole person through a variety of modalities and services, which educates and empowers people to be active participants in their own care.

The practitioners at VTCIT work as a team, coming up with the best plan of action for each patient. Some people may benefit from talk therapy while others may benefit from body work (massage, Reiki, chiropractic, Craniosacral therapy), nutrition help, or yoga – the team at VTCIT works as a unit to heal each person holistically, mind body and spirit. They offer a number of integrative care packages to make healing affordable and flexible, and therapy is covered under many insurance companies. Furthermore, because of their dedication to integrative therapy and whole-person care, through donations, art auctions, and special events they are able to offer patients the opportunity to receive services at a discounted rate with a special fund called the Dana Fund.

vtcitfull (6 of 21)I was so impressed by the intake appointment and the center’s overall care model that I signed up for more services – something I wasn’t planning on. I had an appointment with Anne, a certified massage therapist, integrated energy therapist and Reiki master. In person she has a soft and soothing voice and a trustworthy and lovingly maternal presence. She led me to a small, quiet room with a massage table. We talked for a few minutes and I told her the areas that were most stressed for me – my back from carrying a 25 lb baby, my neck and head from tensing my jaw, and she decided massage was the best course of action (who would say no?). Sound machines are placed strategically in the hallways so you don’t hear external noise. Anne plays music that lends to the experience and uses essential oils. All of these elements made it easy for me to drift into quiet awareness during the appointment, slipping out of my status quo of hyper vigilance and relaxing into the table. Halfway through the appointment she switched to Craniosacral therapy, which was a new (and wild) experience for me. At the end of the appointment, it was amazing to hear the insights she was able to receive from my body and energy. I felt renewed, light, and amazingly clear-minded. The appointment was now a few weeks ago and I still feel the shifting of my energy at work.

VTCIT treats everyone – individuals, couples, families, children, and teenagers. The goal is not to reduce symptoms, but to get to the root of problems using their integrative approach in order to heal each person that walks through their door.

I highly recommend their services, and look forward to my upcoming appointments.

*BurlingtonVT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed by Elissa are entirely her own.


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