Transform Your Life through the Therapeutic Power of Journaling with Allie Mirosevic


In our latest episode of Whose Kid Is That?!? Val and Julie are joined by Allie Mirosevic, the founder of Bliss’d Co, a self-care brand that empowers moms to live more joyful, connected, and fulfilling lives through the transformative power of journaling and self-care.

Allie’s journey began in 2019 after the birth of her son when she faced postpartum depression. Acting on her therapist’s advice, she turned to journaling as an additional tool, alongside medication (which she’s very open about). To her surprise, she discovered the power of journaling and it soon became an integral part of her healing process.

However, she couldn’t find an easy-to-use, inspirational, 5-minute guided journal that could be used at any time of day and that fit her new life as a mom, so she decided to create one –Time to Reflect: A 5-minute Gratitude Journal. She wanted this specific format to help herself maintain an effective journaling practice to reduce stress and anxiety, improve her mindset, and become more grateful- while also dealing with the stress and demands of motherhood. She understood the power of journaling but needed a way to make it fully accessible to moms like her.

Recently, Allie launched the second journal in the Bliss’d family, We’re So Grateful: A Family Journal. This journal was inspired by the Mirosevic family’s tradition of sharing stories about gratitude around the dinner table during stressful times of the pandemic when Allie and her husband faced layoffs. This practice became a source of solace and connection for the family.

“During the pandemic, talking about our deep love and appreciation for our son (then 1) became part of our daily ritual and I wanted to capture our experience by turning it into a gratitude journal that is both a tool for practicing gratitude and a keepsake memory book,” says Allie. “With daily prompts and options for writing or drawing, it caters to individuals of all ages and families of all types.” 

Check out a little snippet from our conversation about the power of journaling with Allie:

Allie: Journaling is such a simple form of self-care and one that might be overlooked or feel overwhelming because people might not know where or how to start. But it really can be a simple and affordable self-care practice.

Julie: I think that sometimes journaling gets a “beige” wrap to it. Do you know what I mean? Like it’s just for one of those moms that’s like, “This is my morning routine. I wake up and drink warm water with lemon.” Is journaling just for “beige” moms or is it accessible for all moms?

Allie: I think it is totally accessible for all moms. And that’s one of the points I try to make.

As moms, we know that life happens. I am all about flexible routines when it comes to my self-care practice.

That’s why some of those journals that I was experimenting with at the beginning didn’t work for me, because they were designed for use during a specific time of day. I just don’t think that that’s realistic for a lot of moms with babies waking up at night with sick kids. The whole routine gets thrown off.

It’s more about finding those few minutes for you where you can fit it in and it doesn’t matter what time of day.

The lemon water and the candles? Yes, those are absolutely nice. But, they’re not what’s going to make or break your journaling experience.

But I absolutely agree with that perception, especially with social media. We see all of these My Morning Routine or My Evening Routine TikToks and Reels and I’m like, “When and how do people even film all this?”

Val: Sometimes I feel like, I’m sitting in a pile of laundry. How am I supposed to make time to journal?

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