The Sick Day


One Wednesday in November, I took a sick day. For ME.

My children and husband were all in various stages of recovery after a monster of a cold that had lingered in our home for weeks. And as mamas do I had carried on through my own bug and put myself last. But it caught up with me and I was left squinty eyed with a double ear infection that felt like a knife slicing through my head.

I started antibiotics, I took some pain medication. I made myself some Earl Grey and a buttery piece of toast with cinnamon. I babied myself and happily gave in to the neglected list of DVR’d shows.  But as the Tylenol started to kick in and the throbbing dulled to a mere whimper, The List reared her ugly head.

What could I do to make this day off worth it? Laundry, dinner preparation, vacuuming, there was so much that could be accomplished with the kids at school.  Mentally formulating the day’s to-do list, I noticed how the sun was beaming down through the front picture window in our house. I had never really noticed how strong it was at this hour in the day. When was the last time I just sat and was still?

I spent a few moments in the still and realized there was another agonizing sound. This one was in my heart, though. I missed my kids. I missed my kids? It had not even been five hours without them and I missed them. I missed my husband. I missed the sounds, the footsteps, the humming drumbeat of our everyday. The silence was overwhelming without my family. The silence that I so crave each evening around 7:00 was now almost unbearable.

But I needed it. I needed stillness. I needed blankets and pillows and the cats curled at my feet.

So I took the day and missed the noise of my family and in spite of the throbbing and swooshing that returned swiftly with their arrival, I was so glad they were back.

We watched the sun set together that evening through the big picture window, which was in dire need of a good washing.

Amazingly enough, the view was still just as remarkable.

The Sick Day


  1. Catching up on old posts — loved this! It doesn’t seem to matter how much my toddler has tried to destroy the house and my patience over the weekend. Come Monday, when she goes to morning day care, I miss her like crazy. 🙂


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