The Meaning of Valentine’s Day


The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

The Meaning of Valentine's DayI don’t need a Valentine, a paper with a heart.

I don’t need some Hallmark words with baby Cupid art.

I don’t need those fresh cut roses filled with reds or pinks.

I don’t need a box of candy hearts with tiny ink.

I don’t need a heart-shaped tin with chocolate-covered treats.

I don’t need a silky robe or slippers for my feet.


All I want, dear Valentine, is that we never part.

All I want are thoughtful words you’re speaking from the heart.

All I want is us to grow together as we age.

All I want are acts of kindness sprinkled through my days.

All I want is love that can withstand the test of time.

All I want is knowing you are always, truly mine.


In return, I’ll thank you for the happiness you bring.

In return, I’ll feel such pride to wear my wedding ring.

In return, I’ll share a wink, a cuddle, and a kiss.

In return, I’ll offer touch you’ll never want to miss.

In return, we’ll fit together just like hand in glove.

In return, we’ll show our child the meaning of true love.


The Meaning of Valentine's Day


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