Brianne Lucas

Brianne Lucas
Brianne is a busy first-time mom and full-time marketing professional. After spending a couple of years in NY, she and her husband decided to settle back down in Vermont, where they both grew up and learned to love the great outdoors. She has a B.S. in Public Relations and has been writing in various forms for more than 20 years. The rest of the time, you’ll find her working on her legendary holiday card, or running after her busy-body toddler.
Disney's Magic Kingdom filled with crowds of people

A Not So Magical Day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

After our four-year-old caught COVID-19 this January, my husband and I decided it was time to take a family vacation. Since our son is still too young for the vaccine, we’ve done what we...
boy biking on the Stowe Bike Path

Five Full Days of Daycation Ideas for Families in Vermont

Need some family-friendly Vermont daycation ideas? A couple of times a year, my son’s daycare closes for the week. My husband and I can’t usually take the whole week off from work, so we initiate...
No, Parents Aren't Superheroes, and That's Really Okay

No, Parents Aren’t Superheroes, and That’s Really Okay

Let's be honest. Parents aren’t superheroes. We’re entirely human. Sometimes, parents can be super, possessing incredible patience, and an ability to juggle whatever is thrown their way. Did someone lock you out of the house “on...
women and girls at a Me Too Movement rally

The Me Too Movement: Why People of All Genders Can’t Let it Go

We can't let the Me Too Movement go. Not yet, anyway. There are some people who believe the Me Too Movement went too far in demonizing men, making them afraid to joke, compliment, touch, or...
The Meaning of Valentine's Day

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

The Meaning of Valentine's Day I don’t need a Valentine, a paper with a heart. I don’t need some Hallmark words with baby Cupid art. I don’t need those fresh cut roses filled with reds or pinks. I...

The Womanhood Series, Part I: Sugar and Spice

Remember the old nursery rhyme that said, “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice?” Sugar and spice... these simple words pointed out a basic perception of the difference between girls and...
My Family Tree and the Concept of "The Family You Choose"

My Family Tree and the Concept of “The Family You Choose”

My little brother passed away about four years ago. Every time I think about our complicated relationship, I think about our strange family tree, and the concept of “the family you choose.” When I was...
Bike with trailer on a field

Taking a COVID Vacation Helped Me Find Perspective

I really needed a COVID vacation. So I took one. When the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order began in Vermont, I had incredible anxiety. COVID-19 was on every segment of the news. It was in...
people on their cell phones

Protecting Our Kids: A Social Media Roundup for Clueless Parents

How can we protect our kids from online predators, if we're somewhat clueless about the social media world in which they live?   Several years ago, before I became a mom, I was a juror...
Social distancing is effective against virus spreading

To Fight COVID-19, We Have to Change Our Strategy

To fight COVID-19, we have to change our strategy. When my husband first started reading the news about the novel coronavirus to me over our breakfast table, I shrugged it off. It’s another virus, one...
child with butterfly

Family-Friendly Weekend Events in Vermont for March 2020

Here it is! Your list of family-friendly weekend events around Vermont for the month of March, courtesy of Busy Btown. There are a few reasons why I love March: 1) The snow does some serious...
child sledding in winter

Family-Friendly Weekend Events in Vermont this February

Here is your list of family-friendly weekend events around Vermont for the month of February, courtesy of Busy Btown. January was a slow month for activities, and after a very busy December, that was fine...
children sledding down hill

Family-Friendly Weekend Events in Vermont this January

Here is your list of family-friendly weekend events around Vermont for the month of January, courtesy of Busy Btown. Welcome to 2020, folks. It seems like 2019 ended in a flash, but the new year...

My Unique and Humorous Family Holiday Card Tradition

Every year for Thanksgiving, my husband and I visit his family in Massachusetts for a couple of days. It’s about a four-hour drive. Never one to sit idle on one family trip, I was...