The Little Chickadee


At the beginning of the pandemic, my two boys were remote learning. I was working from home and trying to keep everyone smiling despite the unpredictability of this new COVID world.

It was late March and there was some crusty slush lining the driveway. It felt like spring was on its way.

The boys had a break from online school and were outside in our driveway, shooting some hoops since the snow had melted enough to dribble the ball without it getting all salty and gross. I was sitting on the porch because the sun was out, and it had been a while since it was warm enough to be outside with just a sweatshirt on.

My oldest son made a great shot. It should have been “nothing but net,” but the ball hit something… not the net, but a small bird that was flying very fast across our driveway.

The chickadee landed in an icy puddle full of snow and slush at the edge of the pavement and lay there on his back, stunned.

Not sure if it was still alive, I scooped the little bird up quickly, thinking that if it stayed in that puddle, it would surely freeze. I cupped the little bird in my hands for a moment, trying to warm it up.

Making sure its legs and neck weren’t broken, I watched its legs slowly start to figure out how to keep their balance again. Eventually, the bird’s little feet gripped my finger and it was able to stand on its own.

woman holding a chickadeeI was in awe that this adorable creature was letting me hold him.

I was relieved that it was starting to look alive again.

This is when I took the opportunity to pull out my phone and snap one selfie. After I got this shot, my sweet little birdie-friend crapped on my hand and flew away.


Guest Author: Jamien Forrest

Jamien grew up and went to school in Vermont. She has lived and worked in theatre in NYC and New England for the past twenty years. She and her husband Chris settled in Jericho with their two boys, Logan, 11, and Jackson, 7, and their dogs, Anya and Max, and cats, George and Tom. Working in the theatre during the pandemic has been stressful at times, but it has given her the opportunity to spend more time outdoors making lasting memories with her family. She appreciates this wonderful community of Vermont Moms and the opportunity to share her experience.


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