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Giving birth is a truly beautiful and wonderful experience. But let me be honest…one of the things that I didn’t really like was the hospital gown I had to wear. Those things are TERRIBLE. Now that I know about the Birthing Gown, I definitely will NOT be wearing the hospital gown for my second birth!

The Birthing Gown came to life in August of 2009, when creator Cindy Lintel was asked by a woman in her birthing center if she had to wear “that!” She was referring to the old familiar Johnny coat. The woman was pleased to hear Ms. Lintel say that she could wear anything! And with that, the Birthing Gown was conceived!

At BG&Co., they see pregnant women for what they really are: beautiful, healthy and in the midst of the most amazing experience of their lives! During this memorable time, women should be wearing something memorable as well. Their Birthing Gown is a wrap style made of soft jersey. The stretch fabric gives the soon-to-be-mom the freedom to move and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat and give birth. The Birthing Gown wraps around her body and ties closed at the empire waist, never again to reveal what she doesn’t want the public to see.

Not giving birth any time soon? Think about getting one of these as a shower gift for an expectant mother! I know this is something I would have loved to receive for my birthing experience!

We are excited to announce a giveaway of a Birthing Gown to one lucky reader! Enter the giveaway below to win!
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  1. I am looking for a nice gown for my future daughter in law and she is expecting baby anytime soon her due date is Nov 16 and they are living in west virginia and they are having hard time on money to buy it. I would like to know how much it is or how I can get it real cheap since I am on fixed income too.
    Please email me and hope to know more information to help my family.

    Thank you for your time….


  2. What a great idea. I never even knew they had something like this out there… I am due in January and just might have to pick one up for myself…


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