PART 2! Series: Labor? Easy. Getting into my old jeans? Not so much.



Welcome back!

As you know, I’m on a mission! A mission to get back into my old jeans. Time to kiss those pregnancy pounds goodbye!

The little peanut is now 8 weeks old and I officially have the green light on working out and all that jazz. Now let’s get something straight. This Mama isn’t a gym going, diet eating, heart rate monitor wearing type of gal. I’m more the walking (while shopping, of course!), dancing around with the kids, attempting to eat healthy (while making time to sneak in some ice cream), yoga pant wearing (for comfort only) type of gal. Do I wish I had a gym membership that I would actually use? Yes. If I get a gym membership, would I use it? Absolutely not. I wish I would. Honestly! But it’s just not me. I’d be more likely to shake what my Mama gave me at a Zumba class than run on a treadmill for an hour.


This is how I’m making strides to lose the baby weight…

I start with a large coffee!!! 200 calorie breakfast. It’s a heavenly egg, ham and cheese sandwich. And yes, it’s only 200 calories. I swear! Stay tuned for the recipe. It’s so yummy!

Then I shake my bon bon with the 3 year old. Her music if choice? “Call Me Maybe”. I think I’ve listened to that song more than the artist herself. We usually shake it for about 20 minutes. No specifics. Just dancing around and having fun! For added effort if I’ve got more than 3 hours of sleep the night before? I’ll hold onto some little 2 lb weights while we dance around. Yep, tough stuff happening over here!

Next? Endure the life as a Mom with a newborn and 3 year old.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Lunch time! Usually we have leftovers from dinner the night before. A tip? Portion control!! If we don’t have leftovers, I’ll make Maddie some yummy 3 year old friendly food and I’ll have a salad. Don’t get all “I don’t want to be a rabbit and live off of lettuce, carrots and salads for the next however-many-months”. Don’t worry, neither do I. But we Mamas gotta suck it up and take a few for the team. And our waistline.


Now here’s a little secret. You know that dressing that you slop over your once healthy green salad to make it taste like, well, something more scrumptious than lettuce, carrots and green peppers? Well, that dressing probably contains more calories than a few slices of bacon. Yep. Go ahead. Hang your head in shame and ponder how this could happen.


Okay, good! Because I have some fabulous news! They make this just-as-delicious dressing that is only 25 calories per serving. So even if you were to have 2 servings of dressing on top of a salad with some grilled chicken, you can promise your thunder thighs that they won’t be around for long! Less than 300 calories for a filling and mouth watering lunch? You’re welcome!

To date:
Total weight loss desired: 45 lbs
Weight loss since delivery (8 weeks ago): 22 lbs
Pounds to go: 23 lbs

Stay tuned for more ideas, recipes and pregnancy weight bye-bye secrets!

Have some tips and tricks to share? Help a Mama out and spill it!!


  1. I’m 7 months out and I’m holding steady at 27 lbs less than before I was pregnant.. I didn’t even workout for the first 20 lbs.. just nursed and calorie counted. I know it won’t work for everyone, but thankfully it did for me. I used myfitnesspal on the iPhone!

  2. I will tell you how it went for my after delivery weight problem. I gained 35 pounds. Horrible. Lost 8 1/2 in the hospital and my daughter weighed 7# 15oz! Depressing. It took me a few months to get back to the same weight but I noticed something. I now had hips! Going from a stick to a curvy figure was interesting. Lots of walking I’d like to say dieting but not really. But being active.

  3. I love the “take one for the team” comment, haha. It’s the sacrifices that get us where we want to be. It’s hard, but that’s the nature of sacrifice :).

  4. Don’t eat after 7-8 pm! This is the hardest things for me! Once the kids are in bed, I want to eat all the chocolate things I can find. But NO NO NO! Don’t do it!


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