The Belly Chronicles- The First Trimester


So our family is excited to announce that we will be adding another little one to our family in early May!

photo take by North Photography LLC

We are so excited and feel beyond blessed to be adding this little one to our family. This pregnancy has been fairly similar to my pregnancy with Nora, but I think it has felt more difficult having to keep up with an active toddler at the same time. I’ve struggled with the usual first trimester symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, aversion to smells, etc. but I’ve also noticed that my body is not what it was during my first pregnancy! I’m feeling the aches and pains of carrying this little one MUCH sooner than with Nora, and it honestly makes me a little nervous about what my third trimester will feel like!

My wonderful midwives at Maitri Health Care have given me a few suggestions such as prenatal yoga and pilates to help strengthen my core and deal with some of the pains. I also can’t live without my fabulous full body pregnancy pillow that I got as a gift from my mom while pregnant with Nora! I sleep so much better with it!

Food Cravings: Steak, burritos, milkshakes, salad

Food Aversions: Cooking with raw meat (although this has subsided some), drinking warm water, deli meat

Most Annoying Symptom: definitely nausea, but now that it has subsided some I would say heartburn. I don’t remember having it that much until the third trimester last time, but with this one it has started early!

Weight Gained So Far: 2 pounds. I’m eating a TON and just not gaining. But the baby is growing so all is good!

Are we finding out the sex?: Absolutely! We are not very patient people so waiting just won’t work for us 🙂 We should find out at an ultrasound on November 28th!

Do I think it is a boy or a girl?: I’m going with girl but my husband thinks it is a boy. He was right last time, so we shall see!

Due date: May 9th

What I can’t currently live without: My pregnancy pillow, Tums


For those of you with more than one kiddo, what was your second pregnancy like? Did you feel the aches and pains much sooner? 




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