PART 4! Series: Labor? Easy. Getting into my old jeans? Not so much.



In an effort to cut down on the amount that my 2 month old spits up after each nursing session, I’m making changes. I’m going dairy free, y’all! Why? Because cows milk is the #1 food item that passes through breast milk that some babies may have a reaction to. Dairy free means I’m leaving the ice cream and yogurt (and everything else that tastes like heaven) at the door. I’m crying inside and going through withdrawals happy to make this change for the health of my daughter. Really!

With any change, there’s going to be a transitional period of time where I’ll make mistakes with recipes, or simply just forget. I’m sure that while I’m in a daze from the getting a full nights rest (insert sarcastic look here), I’ll probably grab the “real” milk instead of the “faux” milk while making my morning cup o’ joe. I’m sure I’ll steal a few M&Ms from the treat stash on the counter and only realize I’ve “cheated” as I’m finishing up the last little bite of heavenly chocolate wrapped in its yummy hard candy shell. I’m sure I’ll come up with the most delicious cheesy pasta dish the world has ever seen (all while being low in calories). And then? The cheesy goodness laughs at me and chants “None for you! None for you!”…

So, what does this mean as far as getting back into my old (and super cute) jeans? Well, it’s not going to take a brain surgeon to understand that less ice cream equals less calories and more complaining from me. But what other snack/treat/heavenly yumminess will I fall in love with? As you know by now, this mama LOVES to eat. And by eat, I mean snack. And by snack I mean… Oh who am I kidding? Tell me where I can find dairy-free ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my weekly stats…
To date:
Total weight loss desired: 45 lbs
Weight loss since delivery (10 weeks ago): 25 lbs
Pounds to go: 20 lbs

Have you gone dairy-free? Share your experience with me. No really, because I have NO clue what I’m doing…


  1. Chase had to be dairy free when he was itty bitty and I learned all the tricks! Now-a-days there are plenty of dairy free substitutes! I’d go with the coconut milk products. Not only are they dairy free, they are actually good for you! Good luck!

  2. So I know there are some really great coconut milk ice creams out there that you can find at the co-op and such. It’s so nice because there really are so many options now that allergies have become more prevalent!


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