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I swear my baby has a hole in his chin!  A few months ago he figured out how to use a sippy cup which was great.  But what isn’t so great is when he just keeps sucking up the water and allowing it to just dribble out of his mouth.  I mean he’s covered in cold H2O and yet he keeps on sucking it up and spitting it out.  You can see where this is going.  It doesn’t take long and that kid is soaking wet!

Enter PicklePeas.

PicklePeas is only the most stylish way to dress up that mess.  Still not tracking with me?

Pickle Peas

PicklePeas was created to give babies cool bibs and comfy clothes that work together.  Bibs snap on and are interchangeable with all of their clothing.  Vibrant, modern colors let you easily mix and match lots of styles.  And guess what…the bibs are waterproof which means everything underneath stays protected.  The bibs are so much a part of the outfit that it’s like the baby’s not even wearing one.   Oh yeah, and did I mention that they’re made of 100% organic cotton?  Fashionable, functional, smart, and so so soft.


Due to my above mentioned problem I was very excited to give this thing a whirl.  I’m happy to say mission accomplished!  I snapped on the oh so cool rocket bib, handed my guy his sippy cup and let him play his little game.  This time I won!  Ok, to be honest we all won.  He got a stylish new outfit with 2 adorable bibs (I prefer to call them accessories) and  I got to keep him in one outfit all day long without having to change a wet slobbery mess.

Look Mom! I’m rocking the rocket bib!

So if your baby is a drooler, a messy eater, or like mine, has a hole in his chin then I recommend giving PicklePeas a try.  Check out their website to see their wide selection of colors and super cute bibs.

Today you’re in luck!  PicklePeas is giving away a short sleeve body suit, pants, and 2 bib designs to one lucky BVTMB reader.  Enter below for your chance to win this giveaway valued at over $50.

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  1. I LOVE the short sleeve romper! It is perfect for the summertime. The rocket ship is awesome…something different 🙂


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