Open Call for Guest Writers


Hello BVTMB readers!  We’ve got 2 (two) new series here on this blog and we want to hear from you.


In our monthly series the “Daddy Diaries” we feature a Dad who has something to say about fatherhood.  Here are a couple of past posts, here and here, if you need a little inspiration.  If you know of a Dad, or your own hubby has something to say about fatherhood or fatherhood as it pertains to the greater Burlington area we want to hear from you…er I mean him.

Moms at Work

We also have a new series called “Moms at Work”.  We started it this month with this post here and we’re looking for more Moms Who Work or Mom’preneurs.  If you own your own business or want to share what you do for work, we’d love to hear how you make it all work as a Mom and Wife.

Interested yet?  Contact us and share your ideas.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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