Open Call for the next BVTMB Contributor!!!



[typography font=”Cardo” size=”27″ size_format=”px”]Are YOU the next BVTMB Contributor?[/typography]


[typography font=”Cardo” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#5b7802″]Do you want to write for Burlington VT Moms Blog? [/typography] We will be adding to our group of regular contributors beginning in March and we’re looking for fresh, local voices to join our team!

This is a volunteer position (with some fun perks to make it worth it). Here’s the deal:

[typography font=”Cardo” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#5b7802″]What You GIVE[/typography]

1. Two original posts/month on topics of your choice (within the brand and mission of BVTMB)

2. Twelve month commitment, beginning in March 2013

3. Available for in-person quarterly contributor meetings

4. A passion for moms, kids, and the greater Burlington area (where you also live, of course)

5. Reliable, team-oriented, flexible & fun attitude

[typography font=”Cardo” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#5b7802″]What You GET[/typography]

1. Your photo and bio on the Burlington VT Mom’s Blog Meet Our Contributors page (with links to your personal blog and/or Twitter handle if you choose to share them)

2. An e-mail address, access to the BVTMB Contributors Facebook group, and access to BVTMB internal communications

3. Opportunity to test products for review as they come in (to be posted on BVTMB – and your personal blog, if you choose)

4. Access to information and professional development in the areas of writing, blogging, SEO, social media and event management

5. Access to pre-sale tickets to Burlington VT Moms Blog events

6. Coffee shop meetings, hugs, new friends, and play dates

[typography font=”Cardo” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#5b7802″] What To DO[/typography]

1. Send us the link to your blog OR send two (2) articles that you have written to [email protected]

2. Include an explanation of why you’d like to be included on the BVTMB regular contributors list, and what makes your perspective as a local mom unique or special

3. Make it all happen by February 18, 2013


What are you waiting for? Let’s blog together!



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