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I’ve written before about my struggles with breastfeeding my first daughter, Nora (you can read more about that here). When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 I immediately started thinking about what I could do to prepare in advance rather than passively thinking that all would go smoothly. I must say that this time around with Maggie, breastfeeding has been SO much easier for a multitude of reasons. I am so grateful for this different experience and the opportunity to breastfeed my daughter!

One of the things I’ve been trying is natural ways to increase my supply, such as herbs and teas. That’s why when Shannon let me know about the opportunity to review Mrs. Patel’s products I was so excited! Mrs. Patel’s is a business run by a fellow mom who makes Indian treats teas for nursing moms. Her products are based on the tenets of Ayurveda, our ingredients have been used by nursing mothers in India for thousands of years. All of her products are lactation agents that aim at increasing your supply. They are also seen as beneficial in the post-partum healing process as they help the body healing and strengthening the joints and energizing the body.

She makes Fenugreek bars, Munch Crunch, and herbal lactation teas. I had the opportunity to sample all three products and here are some thoughts on my experience.

Mrs. Patel's Products

Fenugreek Bars: These things are AMAZING! I’m usually pretty picky and have a difficult time with trying something new and experiencing new tastes and flavors, so I was a little hesitant before trying these bars. I shouldn’t have been! My favorite were the chocolate bars as I felt I was eating a yummy dessert! She also makes peanut butter and original flavors which were delicious as well. These babies are packed with fenugreek goodness but they don’t leave you smelling like you bathed in maple syrup (if any of you have tried fenugreek you know what I mean!). They were so good I’ve already ordered a few more boxes for myself.

Mrs. Patel's Fenugreek bars

They taste great, but the real question is, “do they do anything for my milk supply?” The answer is a resounding yes! I noticed an increase within 24 hours, which made for one happy little babe and an even happier momma.

Milk Water Tea: I really enjoyed this tea. I’m not a huge tea drinker so I won’t be raving about this as much as the bars, but I really did find the taste pleasant. It is a chai tea but she also makes an herbal blend that I did not try. This is the strongest lactation agent they offer and boy is that accurate! After taking this I had a bit of an over supply issue so I had to slow down on drinking it. What a problem to have for someone who struggled to produce even and ounce of milk the first time around!

Mrs. Patel's Chai Spice Tea

Munch Crunch: I have to say this was my least favorite out of the three products. I’m not a huge fan of fennel and sesame seeds, which happen to be two of the main ingredients. I took this along with the bars so I really can’t speak to how well it works as a lactation agent, but if you like the taste of fennel and sesame then you will like this product!

Mrs. Patel's Munch Crunch

Overall, I loved these products! They tasted great and helped increase my supply, exactly as advertised. I also love that when I purchase these products I am supporting a fellow mom making her dream come true.

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