A Bluebird Day


This Monday rang in our first day of summer. I know, it’s not actually summer yet, but it sure is in our house! The kids are out of school and I’m not working for the summer and we are in adventure mode!

I had the energy and motivation that had been sorely lacking since going back to work in October and I could see the effects of my positive vibes on the children’s faces. Truly it was a Summer Bluebird Day. I know, that’s a skiing term, but it totally applied to this day. This absolutely perfect day.

The weather was odd, as is commonplace in Vermont. There was sun. There was rain. There was sun again. And rain again. Followed by more sun. There were puddles. We splashed. A LOT. We made messes. For the first time in many months (ahem, since going back to work) I felt like a rock star mom. My kids each got one-on-one attention. There was no rushing. We learned. We were free. There were moments, sure, when all three were about to lose it at once. There was a pinch or two and some potty language. It wasn’t perfect, but I was at my best. I was so proud of my patience, my words, my sense of calm even when the storms inside growing bodies began to brew.

Here’s a little glimpse of our Summer Bluebird Day:

There were bugs, many of them:


There was tree climbing:


There was a picnic, consumed before 9 am, reminding me of how much food my kids can eat when the sun is out:


There were swings. And underdogs. And belly flop flying maneuvers.

There was library silliness.



There was tongue-sticking-out determination.


There were finished products.


There were lots of cinnamony fingers licked clean.

We ventured out to Echo when it rained. We worked on reading and math. We got dirty. We ate freshly picked strawberries. Two quarts of them. I didn’t worry about the messes we made and found that my children contributed to cleaning them up! WHHHAAAAT????


Thanks for letting me carry on about our happy day together. I know not every day will be like this. I know I’m in First Day of Summer Vacation Bliss. I know at some point I will have to do laundry and we may even have to bear the food store. But this day has helped me put things in perspective. I treasured this day because my children felt me let go of the “other stuff” today. They were more happy and free as a result.

“In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood



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