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Happy New Year everyone! I’m so happy to be a new contributing blogger here at the BurlingtonVT  Moms Blog. I’m Beatriz, mom to 2 year old Flor, and I’ve been doing freelance makeup here in Vermont for almost a year and a half. I do a little bit of everything… weddings, photo shoots, makeovers, family pictures, and more! My posts are going to be about some common questions I get, makeup trends, awesome products, and more!


This week, I am going to address one of my most commonly asked questions: “How do I banish undereye circles?” I like to call these Mombie eyes! They plague us after long sleepless nights… especially when we need to get up extra early and actually look put together. So let’s define them first. They are the dark purple/ blue tinged half-moons that seem perpetually present but are more pronounced when we are sleepy or sick. So, how do we usually cover them?  Well, most think that you use the opposite of dark… light! So we pile on the super light concealer but the dark hues still peek through.


Plus, as you can see, when photographed the super light contrast is awkwardly apparent.

So, how do we REALLY fix them?!  Instead of covering them we need to correct them! Let’s take a look at a basic color wheel:


To correct a color we use the color opposite of it on the color wheel. The opposite of purple/blue is yellow/orange.  So the best way to fix those problem areas is using a salmon or peach-based concealer. Here are some of my favorites:



Bobbi Brown Corrector 


Totally Transforming Concealer


Dual Salmon Concealer

As you can tell, I tend to favor high-end brands for under eye concealers. Not only does a very little go a long way, but the coverage is amazing!  Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE drug store makeup advocate (more on that in a future post!). If you can find a drugstore peach/salmon based concealer then go for it! The above products are just a few that I have personally have tried and loved.

If you find your under eye area tends to be more red than purple/blue, then try a green-based concealer. This also works well for any red blemishes. But only use a touch on the red spots themselves, not on normal-colored skin.

After correcting your under eye circles you can then properly highlight the under eye area. This would be the appropriate time to use a lighter concealer to make your under eye area appear more refreshed and awake. Set everything very sparingly with a powder and your look should last most of the day! You can go a step further and use a yellow-based powder such as Ben Nye’s banana powder or Elf’s yellow powder.



Ben Nye Banana Powder


Elf high definition powder in yellow

Good luck mamas and until next time, stay beautiful! 


[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Written By:  Beatriz Jarvis[/typography]

BeatrizI am a self-taught free lance make-up artist serving the Burlington area. I have a strong passion for helping people look and feel their best.  I am constantly on the prowl for how I can bring both the latest looks and styles, as well as classic standards of beauty, to my diverse clientele.  You can contact me through my Facebook page here.



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