Little Pnuts Toys Review


Yesterday, I received my Little Pnuts delivery and was so excited!

My two-year-old daughter, Ellie, had a particularly rough day at preschool, and her reward for having a big-girl talk with me about it was this box of toys from this fabulous company.

Little Pnuts is a toy company developed by a mom, Melissa. After her son was born early, and she was told he would have developmental struggles, she searched for toys that would help him overcome some of these obstacles. Her goal for “Little Pnuts” everywhere is to provide high-quality, all-natural, non-battery-operated, age-appropriate toys for children that help them learn and grow through play. At a cost of $25/month, you receive a quarterly shipment of toys for your child. You can read more about the company’s story, mission, and subscription options on their website.

We brought the box home and immediately broke into it. I love pretty packaging, so I had to share a pic of how lovingly the box was put together with tissue paper, the toys packed safely inside.


Ellie was hooked instantly. I thought that some of the games and toys might not be perfectly appropriate for her. She’s 2-and-a-half but goes to preschool with 3- and 4-year-olds. So, I was delighted to find that they actually had a “2.5” age group, and each toy was perfect for her. In fact, one game (a simplified version of Bingo) was even a little advanced for her. We just came up with a simplified way to play it, and I know that, in a few weeks, she’ll grow right into it.


Other things about this product that made me as happy as my toddler:

  • Little Pnuts provided a season-appropriate item for summer, to encourage outdoor play (some surprisingly rugged, ice-cream-themed sand toys), and a book! We love books! It also included “Lotto” (a toddler Bingo game), and a “Seasons” magnet board.
  • Each toy came in a sturdy box, easy for travel. You will want to take these toys with you for hours of travel entertainment!
  • The toys are multi-purpose. For being non-battery-operated and not a television (ha!), my toddler was glued to them for extended periods of time due to their interactivity. These “toys” are actually teaching tools, encouraging my child to learn through play.
  • They are colorful and bright. My background is in Graphic Design — specifically children’s textbooks and leveled readers, and I give these product designs my seal of approval. They’re beautiful and therefore even more appealing to my little pnut.
  • They are built to last! I can already see future generations playing with these toys.
  • The box included a booklet, explaining the developmental goals of this age group, the purpose of each toy, and it listed the price of each item, so you can see that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.
  • When I told my mom about the products, she had a fantastic suggestion. She said, “Why not put away some of these toys for birthday or holiday gifts?” Though the purpose of Little Pnuts is to offer your child a new supply of learning toys throughout the year, you could take one or two from each delivery (you receive 3-5) — and save them for an upcoming special occasion. Or, if there’s a toy your child doesn’t particularly take to, gift it to a friend!

    Travel-friendly magnet board! Learning about seasons!

At $25/month, the service costs $300/year (or $240/year if you sign up for an annual subscription). We easily spend $300+ each year on toys, books, and activities, especially if you include birthdays and other holidays. At that price, it’s a wonderful and affordable way to provide high-quality toys for your little one.

Or, share this idea with grandparents who like buying toys for their grandchildren. What a fun experience to bring a brand new box of toys to the kids every few months and share in the joy of opening these gifts together.

If you’re interested in joining Little Pnuts or reviewing their pricing options, there’s a direct link to their subscription page (here).

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*Please note, our team received compensation for this post, but the views and opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. I’ve wanted to try out one of these subscriptions, great! My kids particularly love wearing their capes and playing superhero right now.


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