Holiday Fails From Your Burlington, VT Moms Blog Writers

Well, the season of holiday fails is upon us, friends. The pressure to cook, create, and concoct amidst time constraints and cranky in-laws apparently is a real-life recipe for disaster. This month, I gathered our...
menstrual cups

Menstrual Cups: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

This month marks my (gets out the calculator)… 260th period. Ah, 260 weeks of inconveniences, awkward moments, leaks, embarrassments, and rushing to find a bathroom. 56 of those weeks were post-baby, which equated to heavier...

How Motherhood Ruined My Dreams… As Illustrated by Snapchat Selfies

Not, like, dreams of being a beauty pageant queen or an astronaut. No, motherhood just ruined my sleepy-time dreams. When I was in college, I had such beautiful dreams. I would go to sleep after...
no time outs

Why We Don’t Do Time-Outs

I’d first like to say that this is NOT one of those judgmental parenting posts, where I think my method for discipline is better than yours. If time-outs work for your child and your...
Wedding rings- a symbol of marriage and committment

Our Not-So-Perfect Marriage: Surviving Lies, Temptations, and Rumors

Our Not-So-Perfect Marriage A lot of people have told me that my husband, Mark, and I have “the perfect marriage.” We don’t. Our marriage, like most, has been tested by temptations, lies, rumors, arguments, and...
Child roommates can help with age-appropriate chores.

The Most Powerful Phrase I Taught My Child

I told myself that the reason I taught my 4-year-old daughter, Ellie, this powerful phrase was because I wanted her to be more independent. That's partially true -- I do work from home in...

Finding Happiness – 8 Ways to Escape the Motherhood Funk

Happiness seems so fleeting nowadays. Especially when exhaustion sets in. Sometimes I hate motherhood. I love my daughter. I really do – even when she’s throwing a temper tantrum, even when she spreads kinetic sand...

Spirituality and Parenting

When it comes to spirituality, I consider myself a “Jill of all Trades.” I was raised Methodist, am the daughter of a Catholic Deacon, was surrounded by friends who were Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist,...

Pet Spotlight & Answering Toddler Fish Questions

Since my daughter (E) turned 4, she has been begging us to get a pet, her very first! We live in an apartment, so our options are limited. I finally found a clearance sale at...

To The New Mom Who Says Parenting is Easy

Oh, Mama! If you’ve been mingling on the mommy-blog scene lately, I’m sure you’ve come across this Facebook post by a fellow mom who is ranting about how easy parenting is and how the...

Mommy’s Intuition or “I Think I’m Psychic”

“I think I’m psychic,” I said to my logical, skeptical, mathematical husband, “or a medium, or something.” “Oh yeah?” he said nonchalantly. Though he’d never outright say it, it’s a known fact in our household that...

Holiday Travel Tips for Your Preschooler

The holidays are fast-approaching, and this could possibly mean more travel time with your preschooler or toddler. Here is a process that we've used for a 5-hour trip that has consistently worked with our almost...

Public Tantrums and a Random Act of Kindness

Lately, toddler behavior has been a major topic of controversy and has even made the news. Please allow me to take a moment to pray to the gods of all that is holy that my...

10 Ways to Use Humor to Combat the Terrible Twos, the Horrible Threes, and...

It’s no secret. I’m frazzled. My clothes are wrinkled. My hair is greasy. My floors are sticky. This is the first summer that I thought the ants might actually run me out of my home....