Last Day of School Celebrations – Start Summer Off with Fun!


The last day of school is finally here!

It felt like the last of school would never arrive. 2020-2021 has been a very long school year. With all the pandemic precautions and transitions between virtual and in-person school, things have been stressful for students, teachers, and parents. Everyone deserves to celebrate making it to the last day of school, especially this year!

Ice cream

What better way to celebrate the last day of school than ice cream? If you’re lucky, you can walk to an ice cream vendor directly from school. If not, there are plenty of delicious destinations all over the state. For this special day, I let my kids get whatever crazy ice cream creations they want. If you’d rather stay home, setting up an ice cream sundae bar will make a memorable treat!

water balloons in a bucket

Water Play

To celebrate the start of summer, bring out all the water toys! My kids think water balloons are a fabulous treat. They also enjoy running through a sprinkler or even just chasing each other with the hose. Now is a great time to break out the squirt guns! Bring out the bubbles, too. If you’re feeling ambitious, make your own slip and slide! To include younger siblings, fill any container with water and an assortment of toys, measuring cups, or anything else that is close at hand.

Stay Up Late

To celebrate the last day of school, stay up late! After all, no one has to get up early for school the next morning. If the weather is no cooperating or you don’t have a good outdoor space, pop some popcorn and put on a movie. If you can get outside, try a game of flashlight tag after it gets dark. Any activity will feel extra special if the kids are allowed to stay up after bedtime.

Backyard Camping

Set up a tent, or even just a hammock, in the backyard. Even if no one wants to sleep overnight in the yard, kids will enjoy playing after school. Perhaps you can read bedtime stories in the tent and then go back inside to bed if that is easier for your family. Make a campfire and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. My kids love this dinner and I love the liberation from the kitchen.

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt after they get home from school. If the weather is nice, do this outside. If not, it will work just as well inside. Have each clue lead to something they will need for the summer, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, or a new swimsuit. This is a good time to give out items they may need for summer camps, such as water shoes or a sun hat. My kids would love for the scavenger hunt to end with ice cream, popsicles, cookies, or some other edible treat.

Summer Bucket List

On the last day of school, create a summer bucket list. Get input on what each member of the family really wants to do over the summer. Make the list and then get planning on when/how you will tackle each item. My family wants to go horseback riding and river tubing this summer. If it’s written on a list, I’m much more likely to actually schedule these activities!

How do you celebrate the last day of school?

Last Day of School Celebrations - Start Summer Off with Fun!


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