It’s a New School Year: Time to Join the PTA


Joining the PTA, PTSA, PTO, PTSO, Boosters, or whatever your school calls their parent/teacher organization is a great way to support your child’s school, help teachers, and get a real, unfiltered idea about what school these days is like. Your kiddo might complain, initially, but I’ve found that my child is actually quite proud of my involvement. I seriously encourage you to join the PTA this year!

While you might actually want to join the PTA, you also might protest any of the following:

  1. My only ME time is when my kids are in school!
  2. I don’t want to over-commit myself.
  3. I don’t need the drama.
  4. I’m too busy.
  5. Can’t somebody else do it?

I am a person who truly values my free time like a precious jewel, so I get it! As moms, we are always busy and constantly multitasking. We take on too much, we over-commit and then we regret it. Believe me, I understand this cycle. But there are so many great reasons to join the PTA.

Reasons for Joining the PTA

Last year was our first year at a school with a PTO. We had just moved to our new town a few weeks prior and didn’t know many people at all. My kids went to school on that first day not knowing a soul and knowing absolutely nothing about the school. It was intimidating for us all.

Wanting to get involved, I went to the first PTO meeting. We have two elementary schools in our district (I have a child at each school), and this meeting was a joint meeting between the two PTOs. Everybody seemed to know each other, so I was a bit intimidated. Nonetheless, I was ready to volunteer!

As a former communications manager, my passion is communication, social media – sharing information! The PTO’s Facebook page was rather quiet, so I offered to help out. I began posting regularly – not just about school things, but also about community events. I created an Instagram page for the PTO and information was constantly flowing! Parents noticed and engaged with the page. I soon became the Vice President of Marketing and Media (the most glorious title I’ve ever held in my life!).

And guess what? I absolutely LOVE my position with the PTO! I’m doing what I want to do – what I’m good at. I signed up to help out where I could: the book fair, jog-a-thon, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc. I was on campus so much that the principal jokingly offered to place a cot for me in the workroom. I absolutely loved being at school helping out! The school administration, teachers, and students were happy with what we did, and the benefits they received from our efforts.

It was truly the best possible experience I could have had as my first year on the PTO!  Accordingly, I can enthusiastically say why YOU should consider joining the PTA or parent/teacher group at your school!  

According to PTO Today:

  1.  Volunteering makes a big difference! Research consistently shows that kids whose parents are involved in their school do better.
  2. Volunteering offers tangible ways to be part of things! Sometimes we might mean well, but our busy lives get in the way of committing. Joining a parent group will provide concrete ways to get involved, whether at events, in the classroom, or on a committee.
  3. It feels great to participate! Your child spends a lot of time at school, and it’s great to share some of her school-related experiences with her/him!
  4. You’ll get to know other parents! It’s powerful to create a circle of adult friends around a school, and having a shared interest is a good place to start. What’s more, it can help foster connections between families in your community.
  5. Your help is always needed! Whether it’s helping run the next big event or providing help in the classroom, there are always ways to pitch in!
  6. It’s a manageable commitment. Volunteering can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Spend an hour at a bingo night or talent show and your efforts will be appreciated. And remember, it’s always okay to say no when you’re busy.
  7. It’s fun! Even simple events like pizza nights and family reading nights can spice up your week!
  8. You can tailor volunteering to play to your strengths! With a parent group or school community, there are many ways to contribute, some of which are sure to complement your strengths, interests, or professional skills.
  9. Have a great idea? Volunteering gives you opportunities to get your ideas out there!
  10. Volunteering provides another way to get to know the school and support staff to better understand their needs and ideas

This year, my position with the PTO has been elevated to Co-President and I am thrilled to start working with our new principal and a new PTO Board and engaging with our families, new volunteers, and our community. This business of volunteering is addictive for me!

Still not sure if joining the PTA or your school’s parent group is for you?

Simply attend the first meeting of the school year and learn what that group is about, what their goals are for the school year, and what volunteering opportunities are available. There just might be something that piques your interest! As we parents love to tell our kids, “You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

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Guest Writer: Jennifer Lucero

As a lifelong resident of the Southwest, Jennifer moved to California’s Central Coast to live in the middle of wine country. She is an extroverted introvert who will talk to just about anybody anywhere, but she secretly enjoys being a homebody. Kindness and gratitude are so important to her. She’s been married to her beloved for 18+ years, and together they have a 15-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. For 16+ years, she was a communications manager and among her 497 job duties, she was in charge of the company’s social media presence and loved it! Her company shut down in 2013 and she became a full-time stay-at-home mom. Though this is the most difficult job she’s ever had, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Truly.

Follow Jennifer on IG @the.scarlett.cookie


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