Jazzercise Advice from First Timers


{Disclaimer: We are working with Williston Jazzercise Fitness Center to bring you this post, however, all opinions are our own!}

Exercise and motherhood are not always two words that go well together. It can be a real struggle to make time for work, family life, and self-care. Tough as it may be, we know that taking care of our bodies must be a priority. Josilyn and Tasha were both ready to jump into a new program that would help them get moving, strengthen their postpartum bodies, and focus on self-care. In came Jazzercise! 

Jazzercise Advice from First Timers

We tried Jazzercise Williston for one month. Here is our advice for anyone wanting to try it!

BVTMB writers try Jazzercise.Tasha


I am four months postpartum after a difficult pregnancy as a surrogate. I was sick and exhausted for most of the pregnancy, so other than some light walking here and there, I was not able to do much by way of exercise. Once I had my body back and was feeling ready to lose the baby weight and regain my strength, I was excited to start Jazzercise with Jazzercise Williston! I was definitely worried that I would not be able to keep up. I was a cheerleader back in the day, but let’s face it, that was over twenty years ago! (Oh gosh I feel old.) I dove right in and haven’t looked back. Here are my tips!

Don’t try just one class

You might be tempted to “try it once and see if you like it” but I would advise against that. Learning the steps and routines can take time. In the first class, I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into. If you are like me, you might feel like everyone is noticing how uncoordinated you are at first. Don’t worry, they are not! I’ve found that everyone is really focused on watching the instructor or their own feet. By the second week, I was feeling more confident. After one month I can follow along very well. I still stumble over myself once in awhile, but I know what most of the cues mean and can follow along enough to feel like I am not failing miserably. It takes time to decide if it will work for you. Give it a fighting chance! 

Dress to Impress

Wear a cute workout outfit. I know this sounds shallow and lame, but I am telling you, it makes a difference! When I wear stretched out yoga pants shorts and a baggy t-shirt to work out in, I feel frumpy and tired. After I invested in a few cute workout outfits and shoes that would properly support my feet, I felt strong and ready to take on the challenge of a class. You aren’t dressing to impress others, you are dressing to impress yourself! You’ll also be more comfortable in clothing that moves with you and allows you to sweat!

And oh boy you are gonna SWEAT

This isn’t one of those, “I’ll do a quick workout and then go to the grocery store” kind of work outs. You are going to SWEAT. I am literally sweating my butt off with every class. I leave drenched and stinky…and I love it! Don’t worry though, there are showers if you need to freshen up before your next stop! What I love the most about Jazzercise is that even when I don’t feel like I am getting the moves quite right, I am still sweating! It is a work out for your whole body, and my endurance has improved SO much! I also love how the instructors cheer us on during class. Hearing, “Wow, you look guys look so strong!” really pleases my inner four year old and keeps me going!

Bring a Friend

It can be intimidating to try something new. I totally get it. That’s why I only agreed to try this if Josilyn and I did it together! I’m a total wimp when it comes to walking into a new place alone, so I knew I needed back up. Bringing a friend is an easy way to make the challenge more fun. You have someone to laugh with when you step on your own toes the first time, to celebrate with when you finish strong, and to cheer you on when you want to stay home and binge watch Netflix instead. Download the Jazzercise app to make it easy to find a class, and try a class for free! If you can’t find a friend to come, just look for us. You’ll look great dancing next to us, promise!

It Works!

In the one month I’ve been attending Jazzercise Williston, I have lost 9 pounds! I have not changed much about my eating habits other than cutting back on bread and sweets when I feel like it. Those pounds put on by middle of the night pregnancy cravings are sweating off right before my eyes! I’m trying not to focus on pounds lost too much because what I really need is to get back my strength and endurance, but it sure doesn’t hurt to see the pounds dropping!

Jazzercise before and after photos.
Left, before starting Jazzercise. Right, one month later. Not a huge difference, but look! An ab muscle!


BVTMB writers try Jazzercise.

I’m the mama to two young children. After my daughter was born 3.5 years ago I was lucky enough to able to be away from her for short periods of time, which allowed me to become active around the time she was 8 months old. With my son, who is now 15 months, being active or even eating right or sleeping enough proved to be more difficult. He is a mama’s boy through and through and it was extremely difficult to leave him for any amount of time. About two months ago I started noticing the weight that came off of me easily after birth because of the amount Augie nursed was coming back and settling in my tummy and thighs. I had no energy and muscle…what muscle?! My husband encouraged me to go back to my old exercise routine but because of distance, it just wasn’t feasible. I started doing research and I found Jazzercise Williston, and hey, it’s only 3 minutes from my house! I begged Tasha to go with me because I knew I needed someone to help me be accountable. We started a month ago and every day I smile to myself knowing that this was the perfect choice for me. Here’s what I love about Jazzercise Williston!

No Dancing Skills Required

I cannot dance. My husband will actually tell you that I can’t even keep a beat while clapping. But it doesn’t matter. Jazzercise is dancing, but for me it’s all about the music, about moving and laughing. At the beginning I was a deer in the headlights and really questioned my decision-making skills. But I soon realized that no one is watching me and that laughing at myself is good for the soul. In the last week I realized that I’m really getting the hang of the moves. When the teacher yells our “plie” or “ball step” I actually know what she is saying and I’m able to get into a groove.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!

My fitness goals are to tighten my muscles and get stronger. In the past I have done different workouts that focused on these areas but the cardio, getting my heart racing, and really getting sweaty were missing. Jazzercise Williston offers several different types of classes (Dance Mixx, Fusion, Interval-Dance Mixx, etc) and I know that regardless of which class I choose, I will get the cardio I need while strengthening my muscles. Jazzercise really gives me the whole package. I didn’t think Dance Mixx (because of the dancing) would be my favorite classes but they are. Forty minutes of straight cardio followed by twenty minutes of strength training.


Hands down one of the greatest things about Jazzercise Williston is that they offer childcare. Yes, you read that correctly. There is CHILDCARE on Tuesdays and Thursdays during their 4:35 pm classes and Mondays-Saturdays during their 9:15 am classes. Even better, it’s a BARGAIN. It’s $3 a kid per a class or you can buy a punch card that makes it $2. TWO DOLLARS! And they get a snack. The childcare room is pretty cool, it’s two adjoining rooms, clean and it has a ton of toys. The women in the room who watch the kiddos are moms who also do Jazzercise (one of them happens to be one of my best friends… yeah, Tasha and I love it so much we are getting our friends to join!) Honestly, I don’t know how anyone with children younger than school aged is able to exercise regularly without some form of childcare. I LOVE this so much. 

Affordable Rates*

Not only is Jazzercise Williston fun, it is so affordable! Cost is always a big factor for me when I’m thinking about committing to something long-term. At first glance, I thought maybe Jazzercise was too pricey as individual classes are $20. However, if you sign up for 6 months it’s $65 a month and if you sign up for 12 months it’s $55 a month. Let me break this down for you. I have been averaging 4 classes a week, assuming there are 4 weeks in a month, that is 16 classes for $55, or $3.43 a class. And really there are 4.3 weeks in a month and I could attend 7 days a week if I wanted so for others the classes are even less. $3.43 is a little less than what I pay for an ice tea from Starbucks. For about $3 I get to listen to music, dance, have sixty minutes of uninterrupted me time, and feel stronger every single time. 

Girl Force

A cool thing about Jazzercise Williston classes is that the women who attend are truly all ages. Tasha and I absolutely love that Jazzercise recognizes the importance of getting younger girls and women into the studio and have the Girl Force initiative! Young girls ages 16-21 can attend Jazzercise classes for free through 2017! What an amazing way to teach our young girls about living a strong, healthy lifestyle! We’ve seen many young girls in classes alongside us and the ladies are always encouraging them to keep going. It’s truly beautiful to see!

How you can join:

You can join easily by signing up online or by stopping by the Williston location! Be sure to tell them we sent you!


*Please note that prices are subject change. 


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