“I Never” – Parenting Edition


Did you ever play that drinking game in college, “I Never”?

No? Oh, me neither. But I’ve heard of it. 🙂

Basically, someone states something they have never done, like “I never have gone skinny dipping.”, and then everyone who HAS done that has to take a drink. I’m well beyond the point of college drinking games, but I was thinking recently about all the things I would never do as a parent, and how I was basically wrong about all of them.

So, just for fun, let’s play a little Parenting “I Never” game. With coffee, if you will.


1. I never will let my kids eat Cheerios/Goldfish/food off the floor.
2. I never will let my kids sleep in my bed.
3. I never will continue shopping while my child throws a tantrum in the store.
4. I never will drop my kids off at daycare when I have the day off.
5. I never will let my child stay up past 9 p.m.
6. I never will let my baby cry it out.
7. I never will use the TV as a means of distraction/babysitter.
9. I never will feed my baby non-organic food.
10. I never will own a minivan.
11. I never will go overboard on birthdays/Christmas/holidays.
12. I never will use treats as a bribe.
13. I never will skip over parts in a book to make it shorter.
14. I never will be a short order cook at dinner time.
15. I never will wear “Mom jeans”.
16. I never will forget to send back library books.
17. I never will eat my kids’ leftovers from their plates.
18. I never will yell/raise my voice when I’m angry.
19. I never will let my children paint unsupervised.
20. I never will check Facebook/Pinterest/my phone when my kids want to play with me.

So, how’d you do? Go through a couple of cups of coffee/tea/wine? No judging here! Can you think of anything you said you would never do before you became a parent? I’d love to hear it!


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