Start your year off right with a Purify Juice Cleanse at Healthy Living!


Looking to start the new year off on the right foot? Why not try a Purify Juice Cleanse from Healthy Living! This cleanse was created in partnership with Whole Health Nutrition and has YOU in mind!


A juice cleanse can be a great way to detoxify and build a great foundation for healthier eating throughout the new year. According to Healthy Living and Whole Health Nutrition, juice cleanses do the following:

  • Cleanses give your digestive system a much-needed rest; when your intestinal tract isn’t using its time and energy digesting solid food, it’s detoxifying itself and re-building beneficial bacterial colonies
  • Cleanses give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to begin the regeneration process and support its self-healing
  • Cleanses help break the “sugar cycle” and can act as a reset button for your body; they’ll help you kick your cravings for carb-heavy foods to the curb.

Healthy Living makes it super easy for you to experience one of these cleanses! No need to go out and buy a juicer, look up recipes, and mess with the fuss of making your own juices. They do all the work for you!


Swing by their Espresso & Juice bar and chat with one of their friendly Baristas. Choose the length of your cleanse (1-5 days), and give them your pick-up time. They’ll have your juices ready the next day at the time you specified, and each subsequent day should you choose a lengthier cleanse. It’s really that easy!


I was able to personally try out their one day cleanse last week and I loved it! I’m looking to start some healthier eating habits this year, and while I love me a green smoothie, I’ve never really tried too many juices. I was a little unsure of how they would taste and if I would like them, but overall I enjoyed each one!
 I also loved the ease of being able to pick up all the juices first thing in the morning. I didn’t have to worry about preparing anything throughout the day and could focus on taking it easy. Juice cleanses can be intense as they are an aggressive means of purification and detoxification. It’s best to try and take things easy while completing one, and don’t be alarmed if you experience some detox symptoms, such as a headache (I had one for about half the day). This is all completely normal.


You can also read another fun review by Healthy Living’s cafe manager, John Murphy.


If you have questions about cleansing, and whether or not a juice cleanse is right for you, Healthy Living’s in-store nutritionists are available via email at: [email protected]. To place your order you can just stop by the Espresso & Juice bar! If you’d prefer to place your order over the phone, simply give their Espresso & Juice bar a call at (802) 863 2569 and they can process your order.


{Disclaimer: BurlingtonVT Moms Blog has partnered with Healthy Living for this sponsored post. While we received compensation for this, the opinions expressed are entirely our own!}



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