My Husband Brings Out My Body Issues – Life Just Isn’t Fair!


As a mom, I have plenty of body issues. Unfortunately, my husband often brings out my insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong. My husband is wonderfully supportive. He doesn’t say or do anything that makes me worry about my body. Instead, he reminds me of my body issues just by being himself. He looks a lot younger than his age, which is completely unfair in my opinion. Also, he is small. At 5’5″, I’m a tiny bit taller than him. Even worse, he weighs about the same as me. 

a husband, wife, and 2 children

Is that your nephew?

Yes, I’ve had someone ask me if my husband was my nephew. Talk about body issues! That question made me worry that I look like an old hag. Shoot, my husband is actually a couple years older than me! I get Botox, for goodness’ sake! My husband does absolutely nothing for his skin and still apparently has a youthful appearance well into his thirties. Life is just not fair.

baby face in camera pointed at man

It’s a sad time for a woman when she stops getting carded for alcohol. It’s just another reminder that time is marching steadily forward and will never stop. I’m also at the point where my children give away my age. I obviously must be older than 21 when my children are seven and nine years old. That’s fine. I have mostly come to terms with that. However, if my husband gets carded and I don’t, then I will be upset and grouchy for the rest of the night. I will need that drink.

He’s too short for you.

Yes, that is something else that a “helpful” friend has told me. Luckily, this one doesn’t bring up any body issues for me. I’m perfectly happy with my height and after nearly 13 years of marriage, I am quite used to have an equal-sized husband. Most of the time, I wear flat shoes because I enjoy being comfortable. If I feel like wearing heels to dress up, then I do. I don’t care if it makes me taller than my husband and he doesn’t care either. It’s just not a big deal.

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However, some people seem to be overly concerned about height. I know plenty of women who wouldn’t date a shorter man and vice versa. In my mind, you are just limiting your dating pool. Focus on finding a nice person who treats you well. Also, don’t let body issues dictate your footwear. Wear what you like!

You’re supposed to weigh at least 10 pounds more than me!

Okay, I’ll admit this last quote is mine. When we started dating, my husband did weigh 10 pounds more than me. Then I went through a couple pregnancies and my body changed. I exercise regularly to stay healthy and I do maintain a healthy weight. However, that weight is heavier than my pre-baby body. Now my husband and I weigh the same amount. I shouldn’t worry about our weights since we are both healthy, but it does bring up some body issues for me.

an apple and tape measure on a scale

My biggest hang-up is my stomach. My husband has a nice, flat, muscular stomach. My stomach is a little flabby. I exercise frequently and I eat a fairly reasonable diet. However, that is not enough to overcome the fact that I gave birth to two children 19 months apart. I am still working on accepting my body the way it is, but I find it more challenging when my husband is so fit. I have to resist the urge to sneak extra butter into his food so he’ll gain a few pounds. 

I am still working on my body issues. 

These are my issues. Even if my husband looked older, or was taller, or weighed more, I would still have body issues. I am working on focusing on appreciating my healthy, strong body. I want to set a good example for my children, especially my daughter.  Therefore, I will continue to wear whatever clothes make me happy and I will just ignore any stomach jiggles!



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