How some things never look the same


One of the many things I did not understand before becoming a parent is how a child can change the way you view the most simple things.  Since Aedan came into our lives, I have experienced so many wonderful firsts that have completely changed my heart forever.  His first smile, the first time he hugged me, the way he holds on tight as I carry him down the stairs.  These are the moments you day dream about as your belly gets bigger and the arrival of that first baby nears.

What I couldn’t have anticipated is how this baby would get me to view the most mundane every day things with complete admiration.  My realization of the power he has began with his love for flowers.  My child adores flowers.  He especially loves dandelions.  You might be thinking to yourself, a dandelion isn’t a flower, it’s a weed!  It’s that pesky thing in your yard that keeps popping up.  I know because I too felt this way about them.  Any time they showed their little heads, we would make sure to squash them before they could spread their seeds.

But then enters Aedan.  Anytime we were outside, he would point and make a “mommy I want this” sound when we saw a dandelion.  On our walks he would insist that I stop and pick every dandelion for him.  We would (and still do) end our walks with two fist fulls of dandelions.  Now that he is walking, he strolls up and down the sidewalk seeking out those little yellow things, completely thrilled when he finds one.  I find myself looking for them, going out of my way to seek them out, just to pick one and see that smile.


They are no longer a weed to me.  They are flowers, Aedan’s favorite for the time being.  I realize he will one day outgrow this fascination and move on to other interests.  But for me a dandelion will always take me back to these moments with him.  These simple and once pesky plants will never look the same.

What’s that first thing for you that will never look the same?



  1. Loved this Beth! My daughter is obsessed with sticks and rocks, and she is teaching me to delight in nature…even the things that may not be so “pretty”.


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