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My daughter loves sticks. And rocks. And dirt. And flowers. And all living and crawling things. We have a rock collection in front of our door that has turned into a MASSIVE pile. I mean she could build her own stone wall with what we have sitting by our door.

I think this is just a pre-requisite of being a toddler and preschooler…must love all things outdoors and in nature. Exploring the world around them is one fundamental thing that all little ones love to do. So when we think about an educational system that seeks to instruct and care for our children, we should be looking for something that allows them to interact with nature and the world around them as much as possible!

Where to send your children to preschool is a huge decision. For a lot of children, it is their first time away from home and their parents for an extended period of time, and as a parent you want to make sure that it is a positive and nurturing environment. Preschool is also the time where fundamental life skills will be developed and a passion and excitement for learning and exploring the world around them will either be cultivated or squelched.

Enter Burlington Forest Preschool, a new home-based preschool located in the New North End that focuses on employing the natural world to educate the whole child. 



The Burlington Forest Preschool seeks to support children to establish a sense of place and encourage them to create relationships within the community that we create. This program encourages young children to connect with the natural world and each other in an authentic way.

Burlington Forest Preschool collage

The Burlington Forest Preschool is an outdoor-focused school that provides nature experiences for children between ages 3 and 5.  Children will explore their natural world around them on a daily basis and will be outside as much as possible. They get to walk through a lovely and magical archway directly onto the bike path, and they will use this to get to and from their many different nature explorations!

Burlington Forrest Preschool bike path

Burlington Forest Preschool is run by two lovely ladies; Abby and Nicole. Both studied education at UVM and have an intense love for the natural world. Abby has dreamt about starting an outdoor school and used to work with Outward Bound where she led month long wilderness trips with at-risk youth. Nicole’s favorite moments with children are those where their ideas and questions come through to inspire the learning of the group. In her free time, Nicole enjoys painting, cooking, traveling, and (of course) exploring outside.


Children may join them one, two, or three mornings per week for outdoor exploration and nature-inspired activities! For more information on pricing, to download an enrollment form or teacher parent handbook, or to see the school calendar make sure to visit their website


Interested in learning more? Mark your calendars and join them for an open house at 31 Stanbury Road on August 27th from 6-8 p.m.  This would be the time where you can ask questions about Burlington Forest Preschool, see the space and meet the teachers. For more information, please email [email protected] or call (802) 310-7028.
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  1. Nissa, I’m so glad you wrote this post, couldn’t think of anyone better. And I’m so sad that Aden missed out on this preschool, however, I’m excited that in a few years Canaan will have the opportunity to give it a try. Outdoors and in my own NNE backyard, what a bonus!


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