How I Do THIS Six Days a Week!!


What do I do? Workout!  

It’s that time of year when everyone is struggling to stick to their New Years Resolutions. I’ve been there! I’ve set and given up on many a health and fitness resolution, but not anymore.  This year I said I will workout 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes. With kid(s), work, and other responsibilities it’s amazing how hard it can be to find 30 minutes! Aside from illness or travel, I’ve been sticking to it each week.

These 30 minutes are MY time. It’s my medicine and it’s a priority. It’s not always pretty, but here’s how I get the job done!

Set an alarm that compels you to get up!

Get Up Earlier

Seems obvious right? But sometimes this is the hardest! Mom’s are often sleep deprived and the thought of getting up even a minute earlier is more than we can handle. Am I right? I like to sleep as much as the next person, but this is sometimes the only time we can get the job done.  When I need to I set my “Wake-Up and Workout” alarm for 5:20, I get my clothes ready and I decide which workout I’ll do before my head hits the pillow the night before.  Sometimes I even sleep in my workout clothes! Roll out of bed and get moving! Put your alarm far enough away from your bed that you actually have to get up and repeat to yourself, “I’m awake, I’m awake!”  The workout will give you energy too so maybe you won’t need that second cup of coffee! Maybe?

Stay Up Later

Not willing to give up sleep in the morning? Then maybe you can stay up a little later. Get the kids to bed and workout right away before doing anything else. Don’t look at the dishes in the sink, or the laundry on the bed, and don’t go near the TV! Just get your 30 minutes done. If you’re worried about your workout keeping you up, pick a gentler workout for those nights. Do your yoga or Pilates on that night. Convince your significant other to join you and make it fun! My husband and I talk and laugh while we workout together. I used to think it wasn’t “right” to workout at night, now I know the best time to workout, is when you can.

Get Creative!

The empty spot in the middle is for me!

From time to time, I work out when MJ is awake, but this takes some creativity! You can get your kids involved in your workout, another activity or a series of activities near where you are working out.  Pick activities that they can do independently. Depending on the age of your children, this could include puzzles, coloring, stickers, and if you’re comfortable even a short show! I can get through a workout in the time it takes MJ to watch a Wild Kratz! This isn’t always perfect, so you have to be willing to roll with it. MJ often crawls under me during downward dog and sits on me during ab work.  Once I finished my workout to find the dining room covered in oatmeal, or another time it was puzzle pieces scattered everywhere and another time I was mid burpee when MJ insisted he needed a snack “RIGHT NOW”. Needless to say, I’ve gotten better at getting everything he needs before I start!

Ask For Help

Tell your family about your goals and work together to see where they can help or get involved. Some days this means my husband prepares breakfast for MJ and himself, while I workout. Or when he gets home from work, I sneak away to workout while he plays with our son.  I am so lucky that I have family in the area that can watch MJ a few hours during the week. Those days I have much more flexibility with when I workout. I realize not everyone has family close, but you can still ask for help. Reach out to your friends, a trusted childcare provider or other moms and see if anyone wants to do a childcare swap. You watch their kiddo while they workout and then swap another day!

That’s it! In a recent post, “Why 2015 is all about Mommy“, Tara talks about how it’s important and okay to take time for yourself. When you’re at your healthiest best self, you are better able to care for the ones you love. It’s not always easy, but it’s totally worth it.

So tell me, how do you get your workout in?

My workout buddy!


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Ashley DiMercurio
Ashley was born and raised in Vermont and now lives in Colchester with her two children and husband. After getting married, she spent four years living outside DC to gain work and life experience, as well as perspective and a renewed love for her home state of Vermont. She is highly caffeinated and runs her own online reading tutoring business Your Reading Tutor and teaches ESOL online to students in China. She recently made the decision to homeschool and is loving the opportunity for a flexible learning environment for her kids. Her favorite things to do include making fairy houses with her kids, drinking coffee with her husband, and networking with other moms and entrepreneurs.


  1. I workout 6 days a week after the kiddo and hubby are in bed- unless it was stressful day at work then i will do it as soon as I get home. Tha means it’s his turn to cook dinner 🙂

  2. Great tips Ashley! I totally agree it’s SO worth it and makes your day that much better (and healthier) when you get your workout in. Totally inspired by your 6 day a week plan!

  3. Wow – 6 days a week! Did you start with fewer days and work your way up? And, that picture of you and your son is so funny and cute! Looks like he might be ready to join in for real soon 😉

    • Thanks he loves to work out and is joining in more and more! It’s so wonderful. I did start two years ago with just 3 nights a week and slowly over the year worked up to 5 days a week and then most recently have been maintaining 6-7 days!


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