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Each year my goal is to be done Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.  I’ve never actually met the goal but it’s one I like to make for myself.  I usually start brainstorming in October and will gradually make purchases along the way.

I’ve already started wrapping my gifts too.  A little each time when the package arrives or when I come home from shopping.  It keeps my sanity and stress level lower.

Have you wrapped any presents for the upcoming holiday?

Do you have a litter of bows, tape and paper?

Remove the clutter from your floor, bed or table with one of these Gift Wrap Storage Ideas – Finding a System That Works For You.


Once you’ve picked a system, I’ll share my simple Gift Wrap Rules with you.

  1. Reuse – Bags and Tissue Paper. Only keep ones that are in good shape. Trash any that look used.
  2. Buy Simple Wrapping Paper. Something that can be used for any occasion or gender. Think stripes/dots/solids.  This avoids buying too many papers and not having the space to store them.
  3. Paper for Household Members; Bags for Everyone Else.  I use wrapping paper for those who live with me and bags for those who don’t.  That way the bags are reused, but don’t stay in my house, adding to clutter.

Share Your Gift Wrap Station on Facebook.  Whether you re-create an idea from above or come up with your own, show us!

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Garment Bag

5  Gallon Bucket

Hanging Basket

Over the Door



  1. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks! I hope you are able to utilize one of the ideas this holiday. Let me know if there is something you’d like to see written about too.

    Cheers, Kerri.


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