Balancing the Holidays and Fitness


The holidays are filled with fun, good cheer and many, many treats. While we love the season and cherish the memories, this time of year can really present some challenges as we continue to strive to meet our fitness goals.

There’s a saying we like: “it isn’t what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s that matters; it’s what you eat between New Year’s and Christmas.”

As we get busier and are taken out of our routines, it’s easy to forget the basics of taking care of yourself. But remember, times like this are the times when we really have to focus on taking care of ourselves!


We have some simple guidelines to keep in mind as you find yourself wondering when you might get to the gym next or how you are going to resist the treats at the office….

  1. Eat breakfast when you wake up. You really must take time to fuel your body at the start of the day. When you take time to do this, you set yourself up for a more productive and healthy day.
  2. Eat every couple of hours to keep your blood sugar stable. When you don’t eat for several hours, you go into  fat-storing mode and often end up really hungry. Typically when that happens, we reach for whatever is closest or easiest, no matter how bad it is for us.
  3. Have a protein at each meal. Even if you’re having pancakes for breakfast, order an egg to go with them. You will feel full longer and keep your blood sugar stable.
  4. Drink water. Be sure that you are hydrated. Water also helps maintain a feeling of fullness and thus less eating.
  5. Try to get 8 hours of sleep. What greater gift can you give yourself or others around you than to be well-rested? You’ll feel good, need less caffeine, boost your immune system, and be happier!
  6. Reduce your stress by taking time to recharge and unwind. Go for a walk, read a book, gaze at the stars, play a game with the kids, or do whatever you find relaxing. Even 15 minutes a day will restore your sense of well being.
  7. Be thankful. This is a great time of year to start a gratitude journal or simply appreciate the abundance of your life.

If you decide to take the holiday week off from exercising to be with family and friends, embrace that choice. Know that the rest of the year you eat and work out like a fit female, and after the holidays you’ll get right back into your routine.


Taking a break from it for a week can give you a renewed motivation to dive back into it when you return — not a bad thing!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Artemis!


Written By: Cate and Kendra of Artemis Fitness

CateKendraArtemisKendra Sowers and Cate MacLachlan are certified personal trainers and co-owners of Artemis Fitness in South Burlington. Artemis is an all-womens training center, founded 2 years ago with the intention of providing a gym designed to help women set and meet their fitness goals in an environment that is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental.

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