Six Really Cool Gifts to Look For This Holiday Season


There are a lot of suggestions for holiday gifts hovering around out there on the interwebs.  

From the cute and snuggly, to the weird, to the just plain expensive, you can discover whatever it is you are looking for.  Last year at the holiday time, I wrote a post entitled “My Top Five ‘What Were They Thinking?’ Toys” (I seriously STILL don’t get that whole pooping charms doll thing).  

In order to do something different this year, I thought I would bring you some cool gift ideas.  So sit back, relax, and check these out!

Toy Gifts

3D Pen

Have you seen these?  If you’re as unaware as I am about this stuff, this just came to my attention.  How cool!  You can actually make your own little doodads with a 3D pen.  I think the 3D technology is just so fascinating, and it is fairly new on the market for individual consumer use.  3D printing is available literally at the touch of your fingertips!  Add this to your pile of gifts, and the recipient, whether child or adult, will be really excited!

3d-pen for a unique holiday gift
photo courtesy of Packgout

Build Your Own Marble Coaster 

Do you love the website Uncommon Goods as much as I do?  I love to scroll through their pages of gifts for all types of people.  The fact that most of their merchandise is made by artists is an added bonus.  And, if your child is as into marble runs as mine is, this would be an awesome gift!  

marble-run- one of many great holiday gifts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Makey Makey Classic

This past summer, I had the chance to present at a STEM conference in Denver, and had the tremendous luck to meet the creators of Makey Makey.  This super cool kit allows anyone, children and adults alike, to turn everyday objects into touch pads.  The one I was able to sample was the banana piano -a set of wires hooked into a bunch of bananas, that turned each banana into a piano key.

makey-makey- set for holiday gifts
Photo courtesy of Makey Makey 

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

I have a bunch of cookbooks that I love, but if you’re like me, you also look up a myriad of recipes online.  Sometimes it’s just easier that way!  This gift is for the home cook who likes to use her or his tablet to read recipes, but doesn’t want it covered in the schmutz of cooking.

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Farmhouse Chocolates

Support local, support yummy, ’cause who doesn’t love chocolate?  This company is run by a husband and wife team out of Bristol, and they make some seriously delicious chocolates.  You can purchase their chocolate through their website, or at local markets in the area.      


Experience Gifts  


Receiving things can be nice, but a new trend in gift giving can include “experience” gifts.  

Our family is going for one of these this year when we head over to the Ice Castles in New Hampshire for our third year in a row.  Instead of asking for toys or clothes for our children, we are asking for money towards this trip.  A great idea for a local experience gift could include providing a loved one and some friends a night out at the Burlington Paint and Sip Studio.  Head on over to their webpage for dates and location, or check out the ShopVT website for this and other ideas (and coupons!) of where to shop locally! 

 There you are, a bunch of ideas for gifts for your friends and loved ones.  Or, in the case of the chocolate, just for yourself!


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