Easy-Peasy DIY Halloween Costume: The White Cat


Halloween is kind of a big deal in our house.

All three of our children claim it as their favorite holiday, and it is not out of the ordinary for our daughter, the oldest, to start thinking about her costume in August. This year was no exception, and she had already decided to be Elsa from Frozen long before school even started. My mother-in-law even kindly took her shopping and found a blue gown at TJMaxx that was perfect as a snow queen costume. It has already been used a handful of times by Lilah, my daughter, for dress-up and she absolutely loves it. And then it hit me…we are spending Halloween in Oregon this year, and there is no way I’m getting that hoop-skirted gown on an airplane along with three small children and all of our luggage. I went on a mini-search for a different Elsa costume, even going so far as to order one online that ended up being too small.

Fast-forward to this morning, and I asked Lilah if she would be okay with wearing her Elsa costume to a Halloween party here at home before we go on vacation, and choosing something else to be for trick-or-treating. She immediately loved the idea of having a second costume option, and told me she wanted to be a white kitten. I was psyched! How easy can you get? I knew I could whip something up DIY really quickly, and since I had to take the boys to WalMart this morning anyway, I made a list of supplies I would need. Some things I already had at home, and this ended up being one really cheap costume!

The supplies
The supplies

The supplies I already had on hand were: white felt, an old costume headband, pink felt, pink ribbon, and a giant white pipe cleaner for the tail. The things I bought: white long johns (they are microfiber so not itchy!) for $7.48, small white pipe cleaners for $1.58, pink hair bow for $1.00. I used my hot glue gun to make the headband and did a very crude stitch to sew the tail onto the pants. I made a rough sketch of the ear shape onto the felt with a pencil, cut those out, and glued the small white pipe cleaners around the edges of the ears. Then I just attached the ears to the headband with hot glue. I put little pink triangles inside the white ears and voila! White kitty ears.

When Lilah got home from school, she of course wanted to try on the costume. And since I needed pics anyway, I offered to paint her a little pink kitty nose and some whiskers. This, unsurprisingly, turned into dress up and face painting for the boys as well. But the fifteen minutes it took me to paint their faces turned into 45 minutes of pretend play for them while I made dinner, so it was a win-win.

So the cat costume is complete, and has now evolved into “Marie from Aristocats” as her official Halloween costume. The pink bow on her head really completes that particular character, and makes it even more sentimental for me since her “special” stuffed animal since she was a year old has been Marie. And kudos to the fact that this costume will easily fit in our suitcase!

the white cat




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