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When you are pregnant it feels like every part of your body aches at some point. With my first pregnancy I struggled with different aches and pains, but most of them didn’t hit until well into my second trimester. With this pregnancy, they seemed to come much, much sooner.

As I was bemoaning to Shannon about how I couldn’t believe I was already having hip pain, she told me about her visit to Eileen at Earthy Soul for a prenatal massage when she was experiencing pregnancy pains. I was intrigued but honestly had forgotten all about it until Eileen contacted us about doing a giveaway on our blog. I booked my appointment for my massage and counted down the days until my 60 minutes of kid free relaxation.

Earthy Soul is tucked into a yellow building downtown along with several other local offices (including Spectrum Midwifery). As I rang the doorbell I was greeted by Eileen who exudes a calming presence (which is mighty convenient considering her job). Even though there was a scheduling mix up, Eileen graciously worked me in and made sure I was comfortable while her earlier client finished up.

She began by asking me questions about my pregnancy, what kind of aches and pains I was experiencing, and talking me through what she would be doing during our session. She made me feel completely comfortable and encouraged me to voice any concerns I may have throughout our time.

Now enter the 60 minutes of pure bliss that I referenced above. Seriously, it was amazing. Between the soothing music playing, the dim lighting, and the calming smell of lavender and orange essential oils, I was able to feel completely relaxed. She also had a plethora of different pillows and wedges that helped keep me comfortable on the table and not worrying about smooshing little Maggie 🙂 I left our time feeling completely refreshed, which is just what this momma needed!

Not only that, but after my massage, it was the first time  in months that I didn’t feel any pain! I had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel completely pain free and comfortable! Eileen also talked through some sleeping strategies with me since she was pretty sure the position I was sleeping in was causing my hip pain. I went home and tested out her strategies and she was right! No more hip pain 2 weeks later!

Eileen specializes in prenatal massage, reiki, and reflexology. So don’t worry ladies, you don’t have to go get pregnant to go see her. She has graciously offered to give away a 90 minute massage to one of our readers, so enter below for your chance to win and experience your own 90 minutes of kid-free, pure bliss!!

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*Burlington VT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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  1. I had a prenatal massage before the holidays. It was given to me as a gift certificate and was about to expire. I wish I could have saved it because I was only 25 weeks pregnant and had no aches and pains! Now, at 32 weeks its a different story!

  2. I received a mini session I reflexology from Eileen at an event and it was great! Looking forward to my next visit with her!

  3. I’ve NEVER had a massage! but ever since my twins were born 5 months ago, this body has been through a lot 🙂 …and I have been dreaming of what it would be like to get one!

  4. Once a year in December my girlfriends and I do a spa day, it was a great day but the massage wasn’t the best… the massage therapist spent most of the time talking about how busy she was. Would love a “do-over” 🙂

  5. I last had a massage last year when I was 8 months pregnant. I haven’t had a chance to get out on the weekend to get another one since…I’d love some “me” time. With working full-time and being a full-time mommy when I get home – there is no time!

  6. I lived for massage and even did a little chiropractic work with my 3rd pregnancy. My body was telling me 3 was all it could handle and the only reprieve I found was massage and adjustment.

  7. I lost my baby on January 28 and was just telling my husband that after these last few days and the stress and sadness for having a misscarriage and two D&C’s a nice massage would be an amazing way to finally relax and put my well being first. Hope I win! This would be amazing for a heart broken mommy!


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