Duct Tape Parenting Myself Out of a Job


Since my first post about Duct Tape Parenting, we have come a long way in learning a new way to do things around here. I have become way more open to letting the kids get involved in everyday life stuff around the house. I have to say, what have I been waiting for?

Recently, our new adventure has been teaching the boys to cook. My youngest has always loved cooking  but my other two were rather “meh” about it. My middle son even said, “Cooking is girl stuff.”

Oh no you didn’t.

I asked him if eating was girl stuff. “No, eating is for everyone!” Well then my dear boy, so is cooking! And off we went. We have made a schedule, every week the boys pick a meal to cook by perusing cook books or even Pinterest, make a grocery list, and then cook the meal later in the week. I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.

They loved it.

After three weeks, they are asking to help with dinner, even when it’s not their turn. The amazing thing that has happened, and Vicki Hoefle says in her book that it would, (though I didn’t believe it) is that they just started doing more. Like, on their own. Making dinner quickly turned into setting the table. I have never asked them to set the table yet here they are, on their own volition, setting the dang table. It was like a miracle, you guys. Even if it was paper plates.


I thought letting the kids help with the cooking would be a nuisance.  But when I changed my attitude, which is what most of this is really all about, I was able to see the value in it. Getting the kids involved in the kitchen has increased their confidence, bettered their diet, (Kids are more likely to eat foods they help cook. That’s a fact, Jack.) and given us some really great quality time together. They are becoming so confident, in fact, that I am often sitting on the sidelines wondering what to do while they prepare dinner.


Yes, he made that banana bread. He’s 8. What?!

And that, my friends, is how I am slowly Duct Tape Parenting myself right out of my kitchen job. And we are all quite happy about it.

How do you feel about getting the kids involved in the kitchen?


  1. Tasha…I love this! it’s the letting go that I need to work on. Although Aden is only 5 he so wants to be a helper in the kitchen. I need to let go of my need for efficiency and cleanliness in order to let him delight in the process. What an inspiration! Looking forward to the day when my boys can cook for me. Thanks!


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