Creating traditions


There are a lot of things I absolutely love to do with my son, but I think my favorite is reading to him. Logan will grab one of his books off his bookshelf (or floor, depending on how recently we’ve cleaned up his mess), bring it over and hand it to me, climb in my lap, lean back, and then I read to him. This happens numerous times over the coarse of a day if we’re home, and then we make sure to read at least a couple right before bedtime as well. I love everything about this tradition we have. I love having my son in my lap, feeling him cuddle up against me, and seeing him get excited for one of his favorite stories. I joked to my husband the other day how I hoped it never ended; I want Logan to be 18, still crawling in my lap for story time. I realize how ridiculous that is, especially since my son is on the fast track to being football player proportions.  But, the point is, it’s a special time that I’m really trying to treasure while it still happens. These sweet moments will only get fewer and farther between as my little boy grows.

Reading on the couch. Logan is more into the book than his face lets on. Really.
Reading on the couch. Logan is more into the book than his face lets on. Really.

Although treasuring the moment is an important sentiment, it’s not the take away of this post. I think that point has been hammered in, and far more eloquently than I would be able to do. I think the most important thing is to find something you love doing with your kid, and to keep it up. Your kid is going to love and look forward to those traditions just as much as you are. And while Logan might not be sitting in my lap still when he is 18, I can be fairly certain that even if we’re not reading together, we’ll both still be reading, and we might even do it at the same time, in the same room.

What’s your favorite tradition with your kid? If it’s reading (or even if that’s a little ways down on your list), what’s your favorite book to read together?


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