Costco Mom Hour Event Recap!


We had a blast at our Costco Mom Hour a couple of weeks ago. Shopping before Costco opens with other moms, swag bags, giveaways, breakfast and a killer exclusive membership deal… what could have been better? Answer: nothing!


Costco opened their doors to BurlingtonVT Moms Blog readers one hour EARLY allowing us mamas to get a head start on our holiday shopping while hanging with other moms and enjoying some perks. This event was bigger than anything we ever imagined. In the first hour of the event we had OVER 700 adults come through the door. Yes, you read that correctly, and that count doesn’t even account for all the kiddos in tow! Probably even cooler, 50 moms were able to take advantage of the Exclusive Membership Deal that Costco offered our readers. That means 50 moms got $20 Costco Cash Cards and coupons, and half of them upgraded to to the Executive membership so got a second $20 Cash Card! Bananas. 

Swag Bags

The first 100 families through the door received awesome swag bags chalk full of Kirkland Signature products and some of Costco’s other favorite products. We also put some of our new reusable shopping bags in each swag bag! The first moms started showing up around 2 hours before the event started to ensure they got these bags. 


Costco promised everyone a yummy breakfast to enjoy while shopping, and they did not disappoint. Once our team saw the numbers of mamas registering for the event we started getting nervous that there wouldn’t be enough food. But Costco is Costco after all. And so they provided MORE than enough food. Even with about 1,000 adults and kiddos being present there was still food left over at the end of the event.

Samples and Shopping

Anyone who shops at Costco loves the samples, are we right?! For Mom Hour they provided some mama and kid favorites: Kirkland Signature organic fruit snacks, Kirkland Signature organic apple sauce pouches, Kirkland Signature animal crackers, Kirkland Signature granola bars, chocolate cake and pie!

It was awesome walking around the warehouse and seeing so many moms talking, shopping and enjoying themselves. Also, Costco kept all of their registers open and there was never more than at couple people waiting in any given line. That alone made the whole morning worth it!


In addition to shopping, mamas spent the morning completing a treasure hunt and entered into a drawing to win one of THREE giveaways: a year supply of Tide Pods and TWO $100 Costco Cash Cards. The drawing was done on facebook live at 11 am. Were you one of our three winners?!

A Huge Thank You!

This morning could not have happened without our local Costco team. Honestly, we really lucked out with these amazing individuals, and we have so much gratitude to each and every single one of them. However, Melissa Bushey, Manager of Membership Services, was the amazing women behind the scenes who made the morning as flawless as it was. She worked on every detail with us. We also are so thankful to all of those from our team who were able to join us.

BurlingtonVT Moms Blog loves Costco and they seem to think we are pretty awesome too. So we are hoping this is just the beginning of the great things we will do together. So be on the look out… there could be another #CostcoMomHour coming to you soon!


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