Cheap And Easy Skincare Even A Mom Can Manage


Here I am, approaching my late 30s, glaring in the mirror at a face that’s a little different than it was ten years ago. Heck, it’s probably different than it was a year ago. Three kids and a pandemic will do that to you. Which is why I found myself searching for a cheap skincare routine that I could stick to and actually enjoy doing.

Cheap and easy skincare routines for moms almost seem to not exist.

I follow lots of moms and other women on Instagram who promote various products that are insanely expensive. $100 for one ounce of a liquid that may or may not be magic?! I don’t think so.

Over the past year or so, I’ve found a few products and rituals that I’ve really come to love. Do the cheap skincare items I use work? I like to think some of them do. And if they don’t, I’m not out a few hundred dollars.

Here’s a peek into my favorite cheap and easy skincare routine for moms. It works really well for me. Will it work for you? Maybe! But at the very least, here’s some information on a few brands that I love. You’ll be surprised that a big part of my skincare routine isn’t a product at all.

two women with beauty face masks and robes on

First things first, we’re all amazing and beautiful, no matter what our skin looks like.

I feel like I have to say this before I go any further – aging is beautiful and beauty is not about what you look like. I say this to myself quite often as I look in the mirror with tired eyes and let out a big sigh. There is a disgusting amount of pressure for all of us to look younger.

I think it’s messed up that we try to be older when we’re younger and now that we’re here, at “older” we’re being bombarded with ways to stay young. That’s a whole article for another day. My goal is to look and feel healthy and that begins with self-care.

My skincare routine is part of my self-care routine. And self-care is up there on my list of things that are important to do as a mom of three. Self-care is beautiful to me. I love doing my routine. You do you.

How to find the right skincare products for you

I know little to nothing about skincare and dermatology. I’m a chef, remember? I’ve found that the best way to find the right products for you is to simply ask around. I know moms who do botox and I know moms who use no products at all. I’ll always ask a friend for their best tips and favorite brands before starting my own research.

I also have a handful of friends who sell various skincare products. Some are affordable, some not so much, but I do trust their opinions and knowledge about various routines and products. And sometimes, it’s worth the splurge on certain products.

I read a lot of reviews. I check out a lot of before and after photos. I also check to see if you can get sample sizes before purchasing full-size products.

If you have the time and money, I have heard that going to an aesthetician, even just once, is well worth it. I have not done this yet. Sometimes the services they provide are more effective than the products. Additionally, they can provide you with product recommendations that can fit your budget.

My favorite cheap skincare products

Honestly, I’ve tried to make a lot of my own stuff or use items that are just one ingredient (i.e. coconut oil). Sometimes, that’s just not enough and I need to purchase a few more complex items.

I’ve grown to love a few specific brands that make up my skincare routine. I use various products from each of these lines. With a little bit of research, I’m sure you can find a few products from each of these companies that fit your needs. Some of them even offer online quizzes to help narrow down their products for you.

I use these products for formulations that I know I can’t make on my own and that target specific areas (why forehead wrinkles, why??).

The Ordinary

I haven’t spent more than $10 on any item from this brand. I’ve compared products and read a lot of reviews to pick which products I love the most. You can get a lot of their stuff right at Ulta.

Good Molecules

Another inexpensive, high-quality product line that you can get locally without having to order online (at Ulta).

And my new favorite, Farm Craft

If you haven’t checked out this little shop on Rt. 116 in Shelburne, you’re really missing out. What started as a soap company has now blossomed into a full skincare line that I am really loving. The Super Oil and Super Cream are daily staples right now for me. The best part is that their skincare products are very affordable and they offer sample sizes!

An honorable mention goes out to Beautycounter

I love a lot of their products, but they are more expensive than others.

skincare products from The Ordinary line

The best cheap and easy skincare routines for moms don’t require a cream, lotion, or serum.

My recent obsession is a Gua Sha stone. I am no expert, but I’ve been following another mom on Instagram who has crafted a pretty brilliant skincare routine that doesn’t cost a dime.

You ‌need to buy a Gua Sha stone. You can find affordable options online or at a beauty products store like Ulta. It’s well worth it and pays for itself over time.

The Gua Sha stone relieves tension and lessens inflammation in your face. It promotes circulation and has given my face a glow that I haven’t seen in ages. Not to mention, it’s so relaxing and I look forward to doing it every night.

Sometimes, I’ll do it in the morning instead of doing makeup. I use a little bit of squalane oil from The Ordinary and do a little massage. It’s perfect for my skin.

The runner-up product is a jade roller. You can do a lot of the same things with a jade roller as you do with the Gua Sha stone and it’s another inexpensive tool that you can add to your routine.

skincare tools jade roller and Gua Sha stone on wooden platter

What does my cheap skincare routine look like?

Remember, my goals for my skincare routine are: inexpensive, effective, and easy. I’m sure a lot of you moms can relate. So, here is a quick rundown of what my routine looks like every day.

Morning Routine

  • Wipe down with witch hazel and a cotton pad (sometimes I had a few drops of essential oil to my witch hazel)
  • Gua sha stone with squalane oil to get to wake my face up
  • Moisturizer and sunscreen (I’ve always been told if you have one skincare product, make it sunscreen!)

Evening Routine

  • Oil cleansing or a gentle cleanser in the shower, always finishing with insanely cold water
    (2-3 days per week)
  • Peptide Serum (Good Molecules) and Caffeine Solution as an under-eye treatment (The Ordinary)
  • Squalane oil and Gua Sha stone massage finished with Super Cream (Farm Craft)

The rest of the week I leave my face product-free at night. This is a recent experiment that I’m trying based on a recommendation from a podcast I listened to. This was suggested to let your skin breathe and naturally exfoliate.

As I mentioned earlier, I love talking with friends about their skincare routines and finding better cheap and easy skincare routines for moms. So please, share with me what products and rituals you love. I’d love to hear them and maybe give them a try.


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