Tell me more, a deep dive on Jane Fonda. Our Sources: Jane Fonda - Wikipedia Frances Ford Seymour - Wikipedia Henry Fonda - Wikipedia Jane Fonda - IMDB From 'Hanoi Jane' to the Workout: A Brief History of Jane Fonda's Activism My Life So Far by... In this episode, Val recaps her family trip to the Cayman Islands and her 12-year anniversary trip with her husband to Disney. Julie and Val also chat about summer camps and back to school! To hear the full discussion, check out... Tell me more, a deep dive on Love Island UK. Our Sources: Love Island (2015 TV series) - Wikipedia All the Love Island couples that are still together now The Love Island Series 10 Couples Who Are Still Together Love Island fans have a... Read this: Watch this:  Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret, available for rental on Prime Video Why We Made This Selection and Background Knowledge Julie: I remember reading the book in grade school and hating it. Claire: I read the book maybe 20-25ish years ago.... Read this:  The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave Watch this:  The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV+ Why We Made This Selection and Background Knowledge Julie: Not much aside from Jennifer Garner being in it. Claire: Same Overall Opinion of the Show Claire: The show was... In the season 3 finale, Julie and Val are joined by Julie's mom for a fact-check of everything Julie's said on the podcast. We'll be back in August! All the things... Sleep bras I’d Rather Hang Out With My Husband and Kids. Sorry,... In this episode, Julie and Val are joined by Mell and Joe Hashey to talk about choosing core family values. Joe Hashey has a Masters in Education from Colgate University and was a successful high school Social Studies teacher and... Read this:  One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid Watch this:  One True Loves major motion picture available for rental or purchase Why We Made This Selection and Background Knowledge Claire: none other than knowing it was popular in the #bookstagram community. Julie: Almost nothing, just that it... In the latest episode of Whose Kid Is That?!? Julie and Val are joined by Chelsea from the Tell Me More... podcast. They start by complaining about end-of-the-school-year activities, then they chat about teacher gifts, and they wrap things up... Tell Me More, a deep dive on Matty Healy, Taylor Swift's latest ex. Our Sources: Matty Healy - Wikipedia Tim Healy - IMDB Denise Welch - IMDB Taylor Swift and Matty Healy: A Relationship Timeline The 1975 Singer Matty Healy’s Most Controversial Moments Matty Healy Status Report: Still Healy-ing People... In this episode, Val and Julie are joined by Lauren Hays & Megan Dalton, co-founders of The Matrescence. Matrescence was born out of a desire to provide more maternal support after personally facing bouts of debilitating anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and... Read this:  Queen Charlotte by Julia Quinn & Shonda Rhimes Watch this:  Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton Story limited series on Netflix Why We Made This Selection and Background Knowledge Claire: Been following this project since it was announced. Kept somewhat up on the production news... In the latest episode of Whose Kid Is That?!? Julie and Val are talking about ChatGPT. They look at some of the ways the new AI tool can help moms... and Val voices her concerns that AI is going... Tell me more, a deep dive on Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton Story. Our Sources: Ten things you didn't know about George III Queen Charlotte and King George III's Family Tree Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story King George III Biography Who Was Queen Charlotte's Brother, Adolphus...

In + Around Vermont

Moving to the Vermont Gayborhood of Our Dreams

My wife and I, with our then 2-year-old, moved to Vermont in 2021 from rural Missouri.  While we had great friends and community in Missouri,...
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Why I HATE Fall… Y’all