4.5 Journaling is Not Just for “Beige” Moms with Allie Mirosevic


In this episode, Val and Julie are joined by Allie Mirosevic, the founder of Bliss’d Co, a self-care brand that aims to empower fellow moms in living more joyful, connected, and fulfilling lives through the transformative power of journaling and self-care.

Allie’s journey began in 2019 during her first postpartum experience when she faced postpartum depression. Acting on her therapist’s advice, she turned to journaling as an additional tool for support, alongside medication (which she’s very open about). To her surprise, she discovered a love for journaling, and it became an integral part of her healing process. However, she couldn’t find an easy-to-use, inspirational 5-minute guided journal that could be used at any time of day (which is so important for a mom!) so she decided to create one! Recently, Allie launched the second journal in the Bliss’d family, inspired by the Mirosevic’s family tradition of sharing gratitude around the dinner table during stressful times of the pandemic when Allie and her husband faced layoffs, and the practice became a source of solace and connection.

Tune in as these moms chat about traveling, career transitions, self care for moms, and journaling!

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