Campfire Food – Delicious and Easy Treats to Cook Over Fire


Summer is here, which means it’s time for campfire food!

Campfire food is so exciting for kids, whether it’s at a campsite, a park, or even your own backyard. There is something so satisfying about cooking over an open fire. Here are some ideas for what to cook.

For a quick, easy campfire dinner, start with hot dogs.

They are the easiest things to cook. My kids tend to undercook everything, so I always make sure to buy fully cooked hot dogs so that it doesn’t matter how long they hold them over the fire. Just add buns and ketchup and my kids will be happy. My husband and I like to buy sausages to cook over the fire for something a little fancier than a plain hot dog. There are lots of flavor options available at grocery stores. Check them out!

hot dog cooking over a campfire- the perfect campfire food

You must make s’mores.

My kids insist that this is true every time we have a campfire. For a classic s’more, just sandwich a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between graham crackers. There are so many ways to make s’mores fancier, though. I recommend substituting peanut butter cups for the chocolate bars. It’s also fun to sandwich the marshmallow between cookies instead of graham crackers. I love to use soft chocolate chip cookies, but you can experiment with whatever type you like.

Another easy campfire food option is to use a pie iron.

A pie iron is basically a cast-iron box on the end of a stick. You fill it with ingredients then hold it over the campfire to cook the contents. My favorite pie iron treat is a grilled cheese sandwich. A close second is mini pizza pockets. My family also enjoys mini pies. To keep things really simple, just layer filling ingredients between two slices of bread and cook. Each person can make their own food with their own ingredients, which saves a lot of arguing from picky eaters!

Cook a foil packet meal over your campfire.

Basically, just wrap all your ingredients in an aluminum foil packet and cook over the campfire. Fish tends to cook well in foil packets. I also like combining meat and vegetables together to create an entire meal all in one packet. Foil packets are nice because everyone can choose their own ingredients. You can also prepare all your ingredients and fill the packets beforehand in your own kitchen, which is much less stressful than trying to prepare food at a campsite while hungry children whine at you to hurry up. Plus there is minimal clean up afterward.

An exciting foil pack dessert option is to get a ripe banana, and cut a slice into it, lengthwise. Fill the slice with chocolate and marshmallows, or caramel, or peanut butter and chocolate… or whatever combination appeals to you. Wrap the whole thing in foil, and cook til gooey. If you’re confused, this recipe will help.

Use a cast-iron skillet.

Cast iron skillets are great to use for campfire food because they are so sturdy and indestructible. I love to use a cast-iron skillet for breakfast since they are perfect for cooking any kind of egg dish. For another easy breakfast, cook some cinnamon rolls. I also like to cook kebabs in a cast-iron skillet. You can also cook pizza in a cast-iron skillet over a campfire, but when I tried that, my dog found the pizza before any humans could try it! Next time, I will make sure to keep my dog further from the food.

If you really want to get fancy, hang a pot over your campfire.

If you’re creative, you can rig up some sticks to hang up a pot. If you want something easier, you can buy a tripod. Hanging a pot over the campfire is a great method for cooking soups and stews. I particularly enjoy a nice pot of chili on a cool night. This is a great method for keeping food warm when people will be eating at different times.

how to hang a pot over a campfire

Add a summer cocktail and your campfire food will be complete!

Campfire Food - Delicious and Easy Treats to Cook Over Fire


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